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Mass Editing

01 November 2017 - 10:31 AM

I created this mess from the very beginning!! I started amassing info 15 years ago. Many of the peoples' death dates weren't found, so I left them blank. There are at least a couple hundred. I've recently gotten back to working on the DB, and have placed the tree on Ancestry. Problem is, many of the deceased show up as "Living" instead of their name, rendering part of the tree utterly useless.

Via RM I can edit each person by (adding a death event and entering Unknown in the date field, then save the record) X 200. We're talking a serious time-sucker.

I was thinking how ideal it would be if I could write a macro to automatically change the blank date fields of the dearly departed to read Unknown. Unfortunately, that doesn't appear to be doable in RM.

Another possibility that would be really slick is if individual fields in RM's People list were editable, but...

Or, how about the ability to export a comma delimited file that could be opened in a spreadsheet or external DB, allowing for power-editing... Unfortunately....

Question is, does anyone know of an available mass-editing method, or am I stuck correcting the mess that I created, by editing individual records the long way?