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wall chart that is a working document --

23 October 2017 - 07:51 PM

I wish for a wall chart format that does a tight compressed fishtail arrangement of the pedigree chart.  pages are printed out, and the user does a cut and paste for the whole thing.  RM doesn't have, and I wish it would. 


While I have used RM from the first, I transfered GEDCOM to Family tree (old edition) to get this very useful working document.   


Unfortunately, the new Family Tree doesn't do this, and neither does RM !!!   Sending off for a beautiful document is not what I am after - as said, this is a working document that changes every two to three months.  


If you would like a picture of what I am dreaming about, I have a very old printout which I keep.  


Fingers crossed.... 


Liz Ross


ps - also for the boxes to adjust their size to the information in each box.