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In Topic: Cannot Load Saved Previous Roots Magic

14 September 2017 - 11:53 AM

FINALLY!!! I'm not sure how I did it because I sort of remember following your directions on my own, i.e.: I know what "restore" means!

Regardless, I did RESTORE my data - wasn't much but, now I can begin again  :rolleyes:


I appreciate all of you trying to help.  BTW, anybody going to be at the Dixie Center in Saint George tomorrow, 9-15?



In Topic: Cannot Load Saved Previous Roots Magic

11 September 2017 - 12:50 PM

Okay, folks,

First of all thank you for responding - I really appreciate your efforts!


I cannot even open the disk BUT on the bottom of what I somehow copied onto my desktop (I now concede that I am a bit of a flake!), it says 2012-01-02.rmgb


I tried to uncheck the "Read Only" but it was in gray and I could not click the square to remove it.


Since the extension is "rmgb," I should put the disk in while RM is open?  That should be obvious but the last time I put a recover disk in, all kinds of crazy things happened, i.e.: I could not access my hotmail.com emails.  I was even told that hotmail had been merged into Outlook.


Here's a thought: I'm going to the genealogy convention here in Saint George, UT on Friday and Saturday.  If I took my new RM7 and the backup CD, maybe they could help?


Thanks guys,