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Private Profile

18 January 2020 - 07:13 PM

Is there any way to declare a complete profile as private?


11 October 2019 - 05:58 PM

Hi there!



I have tried hard reading all documentation to see how to solve this topic, but I have not been able so far to fix it.


What I have:


I have a source, inside this source there is one document which is mentioning several persons. I also have a pdf copy of that document included in that source.


What I want to do:


I would like to cite in a single operation in RootsMagic all persons mentioned in the document in such way that when I open each one of the cites persons I can see the reference to the document and the link to the pdf.


What I do and the result:


I use the multicite option and I introduce the reference of the document inside "Source Details" and the pdf in the media.


When I look to all persons where I performed the multicite only (and only) a single person has the data of "Source Details" and the link to the pdf media appears.





How can I avoid going "one by one" each of the cited persons and secure each of the persons are linked to the media.




Double marriage with the same person

12 June 2019 - 02:28 PM

Hi there!


Probably due to a corrupted GEDCOM import I have ended having the curious situation where some marriages are duplicated, so one person appears to have been married twice with the same person.


Is there any way to fix this and merging both marriages?

Issues on importing from Familiy Tree Maker

28 April 2019 - 03:55 PM



I have just imported a full database from FTM2014 to the latest version of RootsMagic (7.5.9), when analyzing the imported data I found quite strange situation, where I am finding duplicated parents (sometimes looks previous versions I was having of those parents in my initial FTM database). Trying to use merging tools, I am not able to fix the issues at RootsMagic level.


Is there any way to fix all these importing issues either at origin (FTM2014) or RootsMagic?


Btw, these kind of problems are not spotted by RootsMagic as issues automatically.