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01 February 2020 - 11:00 AM

Well, in the table "PersonTable" of the database, there is a column called "IsPrivate", it looks the column exists in the database but there is no way to use it in RootsMagic.

In Topic: Multicite

22 October 2019 - 04:04 AM

Yep, is what I was understanding now...


I am actually a migrated user from FTM to RootsMagic and in FTM the sourcing concept was different and it was not possible to link the equivalent "Master Source" to the profile, it was mandatory to link "Source Details".


I think I will be able to use "Source Details" and automate the linking using sqlite operations.

In Topic: Multicite

15 October 2019 - 03:24 AM

Introduce the link to the document instead into the Master Source part of the source/citation combination. It is really only the Master Source information that is picked up by MultiCite.


The RM user interface does not provide a great deal of clarity about when tagging a document to a source/citation combination. Unlike other source/citation data, the tagging of documents is not very clearly identified in the user interface as being in the yellow part of the source/citation (the Master Source part) or as being in the green part of the source/citation (the Source Details part). The most reliable way to get the media tagging set up the way you want is to go into Lists>Media gallery. Select the media file in question and tag it to a source. When the "tag to source" window pane comes up, tag to the Master Source you intend to MultiCite.




Thanks a lot for your time helping me.


Just to double check if I understood it properly, what you are proposing me is that instead of using the Master Source as the reference to a source (i.e. a local registry), in order to perform what I am looking for, the way to do it is to use the Master Source as the reference to the specific citation, isn't it?