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Names imported from FT do not fully show up on RM7

04 September 2017 - 09:18 PM

Having used the import function on Family Search Central (FSC) and having imported a large number of names they added to the RM persons Pie chart, but not to the LDS Ordinances Pie chart.


I find that when I click on Ordinances on FSC the imported listings show up with a blue tree, but no indication of ordinances.  I have to click on the import name to see the comparison between the FT and RM records.  This action carries the information over to the ordinances Pie chart.  Can I get the ordinance information without following this tedious procedure?  Is there some setup function that I have not activated?


Additionally, when I bring up the comparison, more often than not, all ordinances have not been transferred and I have to import them, which all adds up to a very time consuming activity


Comments would be appreciated, or direction to another topic filed by others, thank you