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FamilySearch Login

25 August 2018 - 02:32 PM

In FamillySearch Central I am signed in. (pic 1)


In File Options I have the login filled in. (pic 2)

When I click on the yellow bulb. (pic 3)

I get the WebHints popup (pic 4)

I click on the 2 under the total column (pic 4)

I get the FamillySearch Webhints popup (pic 5)

When I click on either of the two hyperlinks on the left side under pending hints (pic 5)

I get the FamilySearch login screen (pic 6)


Why do I have to log in again, when I am already logged in?

Is that the expected results?


If i check the Stay signed in for 2 weeks and i close the web browser, I have to sign in again.

If i keep at least one tab open, i don't have to sign in again. 

Why have the stay signed in for 2 weeks check box if it don't keep me signed in for 2 weeks?


I did the above steps after doing a Shift + Ctrl + u and still got the same results.


I found the solution. I had to do the following:

Settings > Acvanced > Content Settings > Cookies > Allow > Add > familysearch.org


(I am having difficulty attaching the screen prints using Ctrl + v or attaching a jpg file)

Multimedia Listing Query

31 July 2018 - 03:44 AM

I created a multimedia report

I printed it to a pdf

I opened it with word

I did a copy all

I opened excel

I pasted the contents in excel

I did a find on Not Found

What query can I run in SQLite to get the multimedia report and one that will give me the not founds only?

Heavens know the query would be a lot faster than jumping through all the hoops I have been doing?

Invalid Login and Infinite Loop problem

10 March 2018 - 09:52 PM

  1. Open Rootsmagic app
  2. Click FamilySearch icon in title bar
  3. Family Search Central window pops up
  4. I am not logged in
  5. I click on 22 people in the 22 people in this Rootsmagic file are not matched to FamilySearch
  6. The FamilySearch Person Tools window comes up
  7. I select someone in the list on the left
  8. I press Add to FamilySearch
  9. I click Add to FamilySearch again
  10. The FamilySearch Sign-In pops up
  11. I enter my username and my the correct password
  12. I click Sign In
  13. I get Invalid Login. Please make sure your login and password are correct.
  14. I pressed Cancel 30 times and could not get out of the infinite loop.
  15. I could only end the app with ending the task in task manager.
  16. I went to the FamilySearch site in the google chrome and got in the first time.
  17. After logged in to FamilySearch and left the site active, I started Rootsmagic and did the same steps
  18. But this time Cancel sorta left me out.
  19. Sorta meaning the window appeared to go away.
  20. FamilySearch Person Tools was on top.
  21. I closed it.
  22. The FamilySearch Sign-In was still there
  23. I pressed Cancel and it went away.  I was able to exit the loop.

There are 2 problems:

  1. Getting Invalid Login. Please make sure your login and password are correct. When the username and password are correct
  2. Getting caught in an infinite loop


I know I should have logged in prior to clicking 22 people, I thought I was logged in.


Display the number of differences between RootsMagic and Ancestry

22 February 2018 - 06:45 AM

When I click the Ancestry leaf in the headline bar, I am taken to the TreeShare for Ancestry window.

If I am not signed in, I sign in.

Once I am signed in, the following is displayed:

TreeShare for Ancestry window

With Connected to Tree: ????

Show Everyone is selected in the dropdown box on the left

Only show changed people is checked

The people who have differences between RootsMagic and Ancestry are displayed.  That is perfect.


I would like to also see the number of people that have differences displayed somewhere.  Up in the heading would be fine. 

As people drop off of the display, the number needs to decrease.


There have been times I have had thousands to change.

It would be nice to see that I am making progress.  Giving me a sense of accomplishment. Positive feedback.

Copied children are not displaying in the FamilySearch Person Tools window

20 February 2018 - 03:03 AM

I have FamilySearch Central window open.

In the What’s New box, I click on the hyperlink ?? of your people.

I select someone from the My RootsMagic People list on the left


I click on the tree to the left of the children in the My FamilySearch Person side.


The What do you want to do with this fact window pops up.

I have add to RootsMagic (as a child to Father name and ID and Mother name and ID) selected

I click OK.


Actual Results: The child’s name is not displayed in the My RootsMagic Person side. It appears that the child has not been copied but it was added. 


Expected Results: I would like to see the name appear in the My RootsMagic Person side but a different color letting me think it has been copied.