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Place List

12 August 2017 - 01:15 PM

One of the uses of the Place List is to standardise place names. It would be useful to be able to open the Gazetteer at the same time as the Place List and indeed paste the outcome from the Gazetteer back into the entry in the Place List.


My workaround is to open the RootsMagic Launcher and to use the Gazetteer in that. I cannot have two copies of the main RootsMagic program running on the same computer at the same time which is why I use the Launcher. Indeed why not have a direct button to the Gazetteer on the Place List?


Also why not have a delete all (unused) places on the Unused Place List dialog box rather than having to delete places individually?


I appreciate that having a bulk delete for the main database is, by design, not provided (to avoid users shooting themselves in the foot) but if the places are not being used then bulk deleting them will not destroy any data and in any case the places will be recreated when an event needs to use them.