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In Topic: Seeing all Webhints

14 August 2017 - 05:49 PM

What I have do is in the pedigree view find the oldest ancestor in each part of the tree and put them into a group, which I have called Top.


When I want to look at the webhints I simply select the group Top on the left and descendant view on the right park of the make screen.


Then by clicking on each of the people in the Top group one at a time you eventually get to see all the webhints in your database. Obviously you will see a few descendants more than once. However, do give the system time to retrieve all the webhints for each Top person, it can take a long time (several minutes) to retrieve all the webhints for hundreds of descendants.


Also note that you can only see 7 descendants in a descendant view. So either you only go back to your 4th Great Grandfather or you accept that you have to click on the red arrows as they appear (to indicate further descendants, or indeed ancestors.


It is a workaround that might help you.