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In Topic: Ancestry web hints will not turn off

15 June 2020 - 04:14 PM

My problem is the opposite. Hints are shown in RM but not in Ancestry but RM will not accept them. Meaning that I have delete the individual in Ancestry, upload them from RM and then the hints reappear.


I agree the problem is probably with the Ancestry API but why has nothing been done about it for 3 years?



In Topic: Ancestry web hints will not turn off

14 June 2020 - 05:16 PM

Yes, it is very annoying. The only solution that I have found is as follows:


1) In RM, make sure you have downloaded all the details for the individual to RM using TreeShare.

2) In Ancestry, delete the individual from Ancestry.

3) In RM, run TreeShare but this time only add the one individual back to your Ancestry Tree (ignore any other 'unchanged' individuals because some of those changes have been caused by you deleting the individual in Ancestry).

4) In Ancestry, the act of TreeSharing an individual will normally throw up new hints for that individual (which is probably why there was the discrepancy between Ancestry and RM in the first place).

5) In Ancestry, deal with all those hints ensuring that there are no new hints for that individual. Pressing F5 to refresh the browser help double check there are no new hints shown. [If you do not accept/reject those new hints then the yellow light bulb in RM will remain yellow legitimately.]

6) If the individual has marriage events then In Ancestry, recreate the marriage events in Ancestry. [This is because RM will not (reliably) add the marriage event to the new individual and ensure that it is linked to the other individual So it is best to, in Ancestry, to add a new marriage event to the first individual (with all the details and linking to the correct citations), then go to the other individual and add the relevant citations to the new marriage event. You will probably have to delete the original marriage event from one or both individuals in Ancestry. I find that putting k for keep or d for delete in the comments of the marriage events helps knowing which marriage event to delete. Obviously remove those comments when you have deleted the old marriage events.]

7) In RM, run TreeShare again accepting all the facts for the two individuals plus any other changed individuals that TreeShare has found.

8).Then to finally remove the yellow light bulb In RM, you normally have to click on the bulb, That opens the first dialog box, click on the pending items. That opens another dialog box, let it find all the Webhints but do not do anything. Once the wheel has stopped rotating (i.e. it has found all the Webhints), close the second dialog box, then close the first dialog box.

9) In RM the yellow light bulb will briefly disappear and then, hopefully, a white light bulb will appear.

10) In RM if the yellow light bulb remains yellow then, usually, more hints have appeared in Ancestry while you have been TreeSharing in step 7. So, in Ancestry, go back to step 5 (above).


The above corrects just one individual!


In my tree I have a found a few hundred of these since TreeShare was introduced and I know that there will be several more hundred to go. So if someone else has found a better solution I would be happy to hear from them!


I do wish that RM and Ancestry will talk to each other and sort it out.


Effectively what you have to do is delete an individual and recreate them for the problem to go away (for that one individual). I suspect that the problem is that Ancestry hides hints from the user but RM finds those hints through the API. However, since RM does not have the means of extracting those hints the hint cannot be removed. Conversely the user cannot go to Ancestry to get the hints from there because they are hidden. I have complained to both Ancestry and RM about this over the years but each side blames the other and tells me to contact the other saying that their software is perfect. Unfortunately (for very good reasons) neither side are prepared to release their source code to me so I cannot help fix the problem (or even identify the exact problem).


So I have had to live with this stupid and pathetic situation for a few years now and I had to find the above work-around myself, largely by accident.


While they are sorting that out Ancestry could look at improving their API to include the tags to RM (and, of course, for RM, to show and use those tags). Unfortunately there appears to be no indication that RM8 is going to see any rectification of the above issues, let alone being able to search on tags.


In case it is of any solace the only other program which syncs with Ancestry has other issues which basically means it cannot cope with large trees and in any case the competitor has fewer facilities for data cleaning (which is the main reason why I use RM and TreeShare). Also at least RM seems to TreeShare really quickly with large trees in Ancestry which is useful particularly for the above procedure where it has to be run 3 times (steps 1, 3,and 7).

In Topic: 29 February 1900

17 May 2020 - 04:14 PM

Most Eastern Orthodox countries adopted the Georgian Calendar by 1924. However, the Julian Calendar is still used today by most Eastern Orthodox churches, so their Christmas Day is 7th January and in most years they celebrate Easter on a different weekend to other Christian countries.

In Topic: Web Hints shows Ancestry "Pending" tips when none are

19 April 2020 - 03:26 PM

Hi Renee and everyone


Yes, I am finding that problem has appeared again.


I do not quite understand your sentence "Is the tree you are seeing issues with the WebHints being used with TruLines or your DNA profile?". Ancestry hints appear on the Ancestry tree and the Ancestry individual record page. They do not appear on the Thrulines or DNA profile page.


By the way, do not forget that Ancestry are rolling out being able to connect DNA matches to individuals on your Ancestry tree. This is in addition to various tags that can be used for an individual, some of which are used to indicate DNA connections of various types. Plus you can create your own tags to use on your tree. Obviously none of this is available on RM presumably because Ancestry has not released it through their API.


In the past I found that deleting the Ancestry individual and then TreeSharing it back to Ancestry cleared it but now I find that makes no difference.


Soon after Ancestry TreeShare was introduced I found that the hinting was only any good if it was used as an indicator. It worked best if I then went to the Ancestry website and viewed the hint there (rejecting or accepting as appropriate) then to Treeshare the individual to update RM. It is, however, still useful because I can then look for the yellow flags in RM using descendant view (and family and pedigree views).


It would be nice if the yellow hint indicator could be extended to show on the people view even if it was just for those visible on the screen. It would be even better if there was some way to filter for their presence. However, I fully understand that RM has to query each record for hints and Ancestry would not take kindly for users, such as myself, querying 20,000 records every few minutes.

In Topic: Finding Linked Empty Records

13 March 2020 - 04:32 PM