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In Topic: Treeshare -- button to ignore when prompted to add individuals

07 December 2017 - 02:51 PM

I might be missing something but is that not what TreeShare does now.


If a person is in RM but not in Ancestry then there is an add button. If you do not wish to add that person to Ancestry then just ignore that and do not add them.

Then if their (deceased) parents are in RM but not in Ancestry then TreeShare will have a checkbox to add a new child to that person. Obviously do not check that.


I will grant you that the option to add that child to Ancestry will continue to appear but you could filter them by using groups and only doing a TreeShare on the group which does not have the child.


As an aside (and going in the other direction) if I see someone in Ancestry who has a child (which it knows about because that link is also in Ancestry) but who I have not previously added that child in RM then I first go to that child and add them as a new person to RM before continuing to add their parent. I find that is a better way to create that relationship in RM.

In Topic: Groups: Collateral Lines Select everyone

23 November 2017 - 01:42 PM

Thanks for your help. Actually RM was doing its job since a cousin from the maternal grandparent side was (incorrectly) shown as the spouse of a cousin from the paternal grandparent side.


The problem as caused my me accepting a webhint in Ancestry indirectly from a family tree which had connected the spouse to a person with the right name, in approximately the right location, in the right time period. Once I unlinked the couple them the problem was resolved.


In case anyone is interested this is how I found the wrong link:


I knew that if you went further up the tree then eventually the system would function correctly for a (great) grandparent because the purpose is to select the highlighted person, their ancestors, their spouses and their collateral links. So I copied the complete database and on that copy I found the level for a (great) parent that was the lowest level which selected everyone in the database. I then systematically unlinked each child (i.e. a great uncle/aunt) and each time tried to do a collateral connection until I found the child what was causing the system to fail.


Once that couple were found I simply unlinked then in the real database and everything was fine.

In Topic: Groups: Collateral Lines Select everyone

22 November 2017 - 05:48 PM

There is only one database but I will try the other suggestions.

In Topic: Use of Titles & Suffix

22 November 2017 - 12:32 PM

The problem is that Ancestry does not have a prefix field. Therefore, I use the suffix field for Sir and King.


Obviously I use the Title/Nobility field for more details.

In Topic: Places and Ancestry TreeShare

25 October 2017 - 04:51 PM

All I want is a reliable way to ensure that if I do a bulk change to a place name that it flags all the affected individuals as changed in RM so that I can upload those changes to Ancestry using TreeShare.


Earlier in this thread it was confirmed to me that changes to place names do not flag as changed in TreeShare. If a bulk place name change changes a time stamp then I can at least use that as a group so avoiding the need to have to look through all 9,000+ individuals.


Generally I know when I did that bulk change but it is not easy to know which individuals were affected because the place dialog box is modal meaning that I cannot create a group before I do the change and it takes very long to keep closing the modal box, do a search, create a group and then do the place name change. Doing a location report is another option but that again takes some time to run and then to save as an external file (again that is a modal screen).