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Going under the hood of Memorize Sources (Citations)

18 August 2017 - 09:18 AM

Ok, I've read lots of forum discussions on this general topic, but either I'm just not getting it, or , I've missed something, or it hasn't really been explained well enough ...


I'm trying to understand how Memorize source (or should I say citation) really works "under the hood" so that I can properly use it where appropriate.


Let's say for example I have a source which is a detailed burial record for an individual named "John Smth".  Let's further say it provides good information about both John Smith's date of death and his date of burial.


After populating John Smith's Death fact with the date, I then created a first citation to this source, I did this by using Add a new source and selected a template that has both Master Source and Detailed Source fields. After filling out all the master and detailed fields, I give this source a name like "BURIAL REC John Smith".


Knowing I am about to enter the Burial fact and again want to cite this same source, I then choose to Memorize the source "Burial Rec John Smith" I just created.  Then after adding a Burial fact with appropriate information for this same person, I then paste the memorized source into the sources table for the Burial fact.


Now here is the rub... Do I have 2 completely standalone versions of this specific source? only 1 version with a cross-referencing pointer from the 2nd fact? or some convoluted hybrid situation that is both standalone and cross referenced at the same time?


A test I did seems to suggest it is some hybrid of standalone and cross-referenced pointer.


My test involved editing one of the detailed fields (a minor modification) in the second instance of the source (the one made by pasting the memorized source into the Burial fact).  Then I went back and looked at the first instance of the source (the one made originally for the death record) thinking the change would appear there too.  But I was surprised that it had not been changed by my edit to the 2nd instance.  This suggested to me the 2nd instance was a completely standalone copy of the first instance.....But then when I ran a narrative report for this person, only one version of the citation was written and referenced against both facts (it happened to be the original version).  This seems to suggest that the system isn't really aware of the 2nd version of the citation and is using a pointer or something to say the second is the same as the first.


But then I got to wondering if the narrative report could have picked up the second variant of the source (the edited one) instead of the first, had it been tied to a fact that appeared before the 1st entered instance (i.e. a fact earlier in the timeline).


At that point, I realized, I really had no idea how this feature is working under the hood and was hoping someone might educate me.


Without that understanding, I am worried that if I should need to edit multiple "memorized" citations, I may have problems if I can't remember (or know) the order in which I created them, or the way in witch the Narrative reports picks the version to use from the multiple variants recorded, or whether I have succeeded in editing all the variants.   I'm also not sure how I can even see all the variants, I might have since they all show up as just one source (without details) in the Master Source List.


I really feel strongly about citing my sources for each fact to which they are relevant (and with considerable detail) and at first blush it seemed like Memorize sources was the way to go,  But now I am not so sure.

Changing Source Type for existing sources

05 August 2017 - 10:01 AM

I recently DIRECTLY imported a small TMG database into RM7 and observed that all my sources got set-up as custom source types within RM7(e.g. "_TMG)Census,Federal (filmed)").  I believe all the sources as they originally existed in TMG used the TMG standard source types (I need to verify), so I was surprised that the import couldn't map at least some of them to standard RM7 source types.  Then, still wishing to have my sources in standard RM7 format wherever possible, I went looking for a way to "edit" the source type for these existing sources (something I could do in TMG), but couldn't find any way to do it in RM7 (I'm new to RM7). 


1) Did I do something wrong in my import (or is it not possible to import TMG source types into standard RM7 source types)?


2) Is it possible in RM7 to convert a source from one source type to another without reverting to a complete manual process of deleting and then re-entering the sources from scratch?  I don't mind tweaking each source individually,  to correct a few improper field/format alignments, but was really hoping not to have do the complete re-entry of every source.


I tried finding discussions/tutorials relating to this topic, but haven't been able to find anything particularly relevant.  But I'm a recent convert to RM7 and am still trying to come up the learning curve, so I apologize if I missed where this topic has been covered before.  If that's the case, kindly just give me a pointer.