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Ancestry Not Responding Dialog (windows)

17 January 2019 - 08:29 AM

Hi All,

Ok I see in another thread that Ancestry link is down due to API changes..


My issue is that this dialog is a real pain.


1) RM Locks Out

Tab away. Occasionally if when the dialog pops up for the first time and I Alt-TAB to another window then go back to RM. I find RM is not responding to mouse clicks.

Can only get out via the task manager and stopping the RM process (hard kill)


2) Dialog Options

Hit the X on the top right to close the pop-up and it just keeps coming back. Again and Again and Again.

This really needs a button to say pause connection until next restart of RM


From RM "Internet/Ancestry Tree Share" menu there is no option to pause the connection.


The dialog does go away on its own if you wait long enough (too long really) and the connection is paused for that RM session.

So why wait so long and no button.to pause immediately?

Bug with Ancestry Fact New Upload vs Update

21 November 2018 - 10:00 AM

I created a custom fact type in RM with the definition:-

Name: Birth Alternative

Abbreviation: Alt. Birth



If you upload a new fact to Ancestry. It appears on the website as "Alt. Birth"


Now edit he text of the fact either Place, Place Details or Description then resysnc with Ancestry. It changes on the website to "Birth Alternative"


Now make a dummy edit and save so you can compare a 3rd time and the facts don't line up.



I have seen this before also with the fact "Census (family)" that has abbreviation "Census (fam)".




i can work around for custom facts by keeping the name the same but not for the built in facts as these are greyed out.



It seems the update routine and new fact upload use different fields for the work when sending to Ancestry.

Please change to a common field for the work.........