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Rootsmagic Online and TreeShare

29 August 2017 - 05:52 PM

Just want to throw this out there but perhaps if Rootsmagic went another route and provided a Rootsmagic Online Tree one in which the following may be possible: 1. Syncing back and forth to your desktop RM software and 2. One where TreeShare shared with Ancestry but only to the the online version. Just a thought.

Proof Tracking/Tools enhancement

25 August 2017 - 11:14 PM

Increasingly important to many Genealogist and even the casual hobbyist is proofing sources and visually tracking ones work in a Genealogy database such as Rootsmagic instead of relying on outside programs and processes (which I currently do). What would be helpful is an option to add little icons for Birth, Marriage, Death, Burial, Father Relationship and Mother Relationship icons (or stars like Evidentia has) to indicate that proofing has been completed instead of going into each individual fact and looking at the Proof drop down (Proven, Disproven, Disputed) in the Edit Person screen. Navigation is everything and the less clicks the better. These icons or stars could be put in the Edit Person screen between the source icon and the camera (media) icon with a checkmark next to a fact type for each listed above. This probably would be best as an optional feature as some may not care to use it and prefer less clutter or less screen busyness.


A better suggestion yet would be a separate screen (maybe initiated from the right click context menu) that is similar to the Edit Person Screen with all the tools for the Genealogist who is proofing their source such as a place to put Proof Statements (similar to RM Notes), tracking proof progress for the events listed in the paragraph above and a place to add source media to either copy/paste or enter data to possibly catalogue the source information and your analysis of each claim. Maybe even a special Proof Report template. Incorporating possibly the already Evidence Explained portion already in RM. These kinds of tools may introduce and help many new to Genealogy and those who only name collect without validating their sources maybe get into this habit of proofing which helps the community as a whole.


I would be happy to Beta test if such features would be taken seriously.

Compare Files enhancement

16 July 2017 - 06:02 PM

Due to the recent updates and many folks wanting to sync their RM trees with Ancestry. Compare files could be of better use as an update to assist with this (which can be easier than drag and drop or merge features) if Compare Files had the ability to alphabetically go through the list and compare side by side instead of RM deciding what was a percentage of match (could do both) then it might be more useful in just sharing what you want with your new file instead of playing cleanup after a merge. For example in the Compare Files window if the left side has a match to the right side (maybe it did not match due to variation spelling) but they are located in different spots in each list, incorporate the ability to drag to a side by side position and then use the check boxes to share information, sources, media etc.