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import duplicating??

15 July 2017 - 05:46 PM

  I am new to Essentials. I mainly decided to try it because of the importing my info from Familysearch, since they dont allow gedcom exports for other sites. I started out by making a new file (or database, document, page, or whatever it was referred to... "new" whatever lol). I then selected to import my familysearch tree. Stupidly I took the amount of maximum relations to whatever the highest number was. I know it says if your familysearch tree is large oit could take awhile however apparently its ALOT larger than I realized. Over 6 hours later (on an extremely fast Cable Connection), it is still going with 10260 people & 6190 family!


  As I have been at times watching the names sometimes in the last couple hours (since approx the 5000 people mark), it really seems like I am often seeing the same names multiple times. Also it is currently adding fourteen & fifteen great grand uncles, but 30min ago had already shown adding several of them and had worked its way to eighteen great grand uncle area. Its been in the 14-18 great ancestors for approx 4hrs, going back & forth (and as I said, listing the same names multiple times). Is this normal??? ANY guesstimate on how much more it probably has left to go??? (yes, i know now I should have limited it smaller, but hindsight is 20-20) What should I do now (if its going to be probably several more hours) though I do want everybody imported as far back as the info goes???


  Thank you very much for your time & assistance.