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In Topic: Marriage Dates Not Always Displaying Correctly

02 September 2017 - 07:15 AM



It sounds as though you have had more problems with your db marriages than I!  I think you may be right when you say it might be best to download your db from Ancestry again.


When I was trying to sort out my problems with incorrect marriage dates showing I also discovered a few phantom spouses.  I eventually managed to get rid of them but can't be sure exactly how I did it.  I have a feeling that I unlinked all children from the parents first, then unlinked the father(s) and mother(s) from each other before "rebuilding" the marriages and families.  Might be worth a try, if you don't want to go to the trouble of downloading your entire tree again.


I have also noticed that my marriage list has quite a few missing MRINs - presumably these relate to the marriages I had to delete to get round the erroneous display problems.  The missing MRINs do not trouble me unduly though I did wonder whether this might be corrected if I were to download my tree from Ancestry to a new db.  To be honest, I'd far sooner put up with a few missing MRINs than have to deal with people apparently marrying long before they were born.


For what it is worth, after sorting out my earlier problems I don't go anywhere near the TreeShare button until I have carried out my new marriage routine.  First, I enter the spouse and marriage fact on Ancestry and check that this has been correctly applied to both parties to the marriage.  I then add the spouse and marriage fact in RM.  Only then do I dare to use TreeShare to synchronise RM with Ancestry.  Since I adopted that procedure, I have not noticed any erroneous marriage data being displayed.  I hope I haven't spoken too soon! 

In Topic: Marriage Dates Not Always Displaying Correctly

20 August 2017 - 02:19 AM

Thanks very much for your replies Rob and Tom.


I have printed a marriage list and there are some incorrect entries there which I will need to sort out.  One of these is one of the marriages which was shown in Family View for a completely different couple.


Quite by chance, I discovered yesterday afternoon that the parents of an individual not affected by the marriage problem were displayed three times in the "Facts View".  I have no idea how that happened.  After unlinking the individual from his parents three times, I added the parents again and everything looked normal.  I am not sure whether/how that issue was connected to the problems I was encountering with marriages but marriages I have added since now display correctly in Family View.  Here's hoping I haven't spoken too soon...


Thanks, again, for your help.

In Topic: Marriage Dates Not Always Displaying Correctly

19 August 2017 - 04:59 AM

Thanks for your reply, Rob.


My issue is not entirely the same as yours though we both seem to have problems with the way RM handles marriages!


I added a spouse to an individual in my database by clicking the "Add Individual, Spouse, Child" toolbar button > Spouse > New Person.  After adding the new person's name and clicking "OK", I added the date and place of marriage as "1915" "Bermondsey, Surrey, England" then clicked "Add marriage event.  On returning to Family View, I noticed that the marriage date and place was showing as "1730 Norfolk, England".  The 1730 Norfolk marriage relates to another couple in my database, but not to the home person.


After running all four database tools and restarting RM, I repeated the process using the same spouse and marriage details.  This time, Family View displayed the marriage details as "1808 Lowestoft, Suffolk, England".  That marriage applies to yet another couple in my database but, again, not to the home person.  Unfortunately, I did not check whether any additional marriage facts had been added to those party to the 1730 and 1808 marriages.  


Like you, I use RM to synch back and forwards with Ancestry (not Family Search).  As I noticed the error, I did not carry out a synch.


I deleted the spouse and marriage details, ran all four database tools and restarted RM again.  This time I double clicked on the female to whom I wished to add the spouse and added a marriage fact.  The correct marriage details then displayed in Family View.


I am not sure whether the issue is down to the toolbar button not functioning correctly or whether it is due to the fact that I had been using RM almost non-stop for several hours (perhaps I have broken it!).


I have tried to replicate the problem this morning by using the toolbar button to add a spouse and have failed miserably.  The correct marriage details are showing in Family View.

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10 August 2017 - 11:42 AM

I have just updated the Roots Magic app on my Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo and it is working again!


My thanks to Renee and Development for sorting this out.

In Topic: TreeShare Name Sources

28 July 2017 - 06:08 AM

Thanks, TomH (and Renee).  A very useful document.