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In Topic: How to fix given names stored in surname field?

12 April 2019 - 09:02 AM

Very good advice to leave unknown surnames blank except that I sometimes add 'wife of ******' when I've added a partner from a (usually UK) record, the given name isn't exceptional enough to stand out from others - I have about 30 Anns without a surname, and I'm still working on the family.  Once I have all the details I can accrue, I either change the surname to the confirmed maiden name or I delete the surname if I don't know what it should be.  It is supposed to be a stop gap to help me find people on my tree but sometimes I lose track and forget to fix it.


I've never used the married name as an alternate name despite having a number of multiple marriages on my tree although I can see the merits of doing so.

In Topic: How to fix given names stored in surname field?

11 April 2019 - 05:30 PM

Thank you Zhangrau.


Although I'd found ways to report most of the name issues on my tree - I'd added 'wife of *******' to some surnames as a temporary measure when I didn't know the maiden name - I knew I'd have to do something about them one day. Whilst they only represented a tiny percentage of all the surnames I didn't realise I could "seek and destroy"  Perhaps I should look at all the tabs fairly soon......

In Topic: TreeShare Problem, Partial Update of a Person

03 March 2019 - 11:23 AM

Do you have the 'Remove from "changed" list after accepting changes' box unticked? (File Options / Ancestry)


In theory if you tick that then the person remains on the 'Only show changed people' list so you can check if there are other changes.   The exceptions to that seems to be people who you add as children or parents of the 'changed' person.  Thus, if I add a mother and/or father of someone whilst amending the person, some of their details are not passed over and the parents disappear from the "changed" list. I then untick the 'Only show changed people' box and find the parents to complete their marriage details. I try not to add several generations of a family at one time as I can easily forget to do that.


There doesn't seem to be any easy way of finding the people with details on RootsMagic that are different from Ancestry once you have gone through the TreeShare process. I don't just use Ancestry for data but I tend to add items to my Ancestry tree and then use TreeShare to add it to RM.  It almost makes more sense for me to download a new tree from Ancestry via TreeShare every so often rather than periodically updating RM.


I like having a backup of my tree and I use RM for creating many reports so I wouldn't want to take RootsMagic out of the equation.

In Topic: Tree Share Connection Lost

17 January 2019 - 11:25 AM

I have the same issue especially the locked software until I use task manager (Windows 10).  I tried to add a small test tree to RM without linking it to TreeShare but the "Ancestry is not responding" dialogue box keeps returning so the test tree wasn't saved. I generally use Ancestry to hold trees and then use TreeShare to import into RM to check for errors and for report production.  My Ancestry trees seem fine so I'm not too worried about losing details but I don't want to do anything in RM that would feed back to Ancestry. As long as the Ancestry trees retain their integrity, I could just import the trees into RM once more when the issue is fixed although I do have fairly recent back-ups on my PC.


With regard to signing into Ancestry via TreeShare, I can't get the Sign in button to respond at all.  I have just closed RootsMagic via the task manager again and now I'm getting the following message:  Ancestry's API is experiencing temporary issues.  TreeShare has been temporarily disabled until this is resolved.