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Citing US Census Records Found on FamilySearch

22 April 2017 - 07:57 AM



I understand source management is a big topic, but I have a very specific question that I am hoping to get some help with.  I am just starting to research my family history and am doing most of my searches on FamilySearch.  I want to make sure that I cite my sources with enough clarity so that a different research can reach the same conclusions I do.  


I know I want to have as few master sources as possible, and use detail sources to provide the most information.  I would like to achieve one master source per US Census, such as a master source for the 1940 Census, a master source for the 1930 US Census, and so on and so forth.  I use FamilySearch to do all my searching and they provide a citation on their page.


The question I have is actually two part:  on the master source record using the website with databases I have to fill in a citation line, and it looks like on FamilySearch Census records from different enumeration districts would have different citations line, which would invalidate my goal of one master source per census.  Would I be better off creating a master source for each Census and enumeration district?


The second part of the question:  is the website with databases the best way to cite census records found on FamilySearch?


Thanks in advance for any help!