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29 June 2017 - 08:48 AM

Lots of random lockups which eventually produce "not enough space" error message. Always happens when I try to use the websearch tab.  Tried checkmark in use external browser and that worked, but eventually results in the same thing.

FTM convert quesiton

20 April 2017 - 09:09 AM

The people who took over FTM failed me. Their conversion of my 2014 FTM file to 2014.1 did something to my database and I had to upload it to them for repair. The returned database loaded no problem but it no longer would flag a duplicate entry and they were unable or unwilling to fix that issue, so, I switched from 2014.1 to RM7 a few days ago. Bought RM7 and exported 2014.1 to FTM 2012 and imported it into RM7, no problem. 39K plus people.


After using this a few days, I really do not like the main screen view of this program very much.  The BEST screen interface for me was FTM 2005, where you had a text based list that showed the person/spouse info, and under that a list of their children and their basic info. Above the person/spouse were the names of their parents.  You could easily click on any of the children, or the parents, to refill the screen fields with the data you needed to work on. And then you could easily click a reverse arrow to step back the way you came one screen at a time. It worked great.


Sometime after 2005, FTM changed to the main screen view that most all FTM people know, icons took the place of the text fields forcing you to click an icon instead of an arrow next to the names. Not as handy for me but usable. But unless I am missing something all too obvious, RM7's main view for me is awful. I cannot easily see a couple's children on the screen. And when I click on the arrow to move the screen to the left where I would expect to see them, I see one. Is the only way RM7 displays children is when you click on a person and then click on the family icon?