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Useful to me

21 August 2019 - 08:09 AM

Useful to me would be,


Ability to easily strip the ,USA off of the places.  Don't need it, don't want it.


When you right click and choose ADD CHILD you get a pop up.  It would be darn handy to not only be able to input the child on that screen but their spouse, if any, also.

Been using this program for awhile now

06 December 2018 - 10:23 AM

and a couple things that bother me are that when I click on a name in the database, it does not always come up at the bottom left as to the relationship of the person selected with the root person.  You seem to have to go to the set relationship thing and redo it all the time and even then it doesn't seem to work real well or for long.  Also, it should also show relationship by marriage, so it might say "wife of 2nd cousin once removed" or something. Otherwise you are left to do a bunch of happy horse crap to figure out how this person is related.


Another thing that I don't like is the whole light bulb thing. If you go to a screen that has only one light bulb, or a few or even none or whatever, you have to just sit there and wait and see IF a light bulb shows up???  How long are you supposed to wait, a minute, 5 minutes, all day, what?  Another thing that is unhandy is when you have a name with no facts yet, and you want to add birth and death info, you have to do it one at a time by add a fact, search b, click on birth add that info, save it.  Then add a fact, search d, click on death...etc.  Why not just be able to just click on something like "add birth/death info" since that is the most common info.


My other hang up is not only with this program but with some others like it. I don't want LDS Mormon stuff in my program. I don't believe LDS/Mormon stuff, I think their religion is a false one and a cult, and I really don't want it intertwined in my program. You should be able to nuke all that stuff or better yet, only add it to your program if you want it. Maybe that's "bigoted" but it is what it is. And the fact that I cannot delete "built in" facts I don't need and will never use and don't want to see at all just makes it worse.