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Transfer Ancestry Weblinks To RootsMagic via Treeshare

11 May 2018 - 08:52 PM



I use a lot of Weblinks in Ancestry and would like the ability to transfer these to Rootsmagic via Treeshare. They are useful for things like Wikipedia pages on people in my tree containing general biographical information.


Ancestry's Weblinks are attached to the person rather than to an event, a media item or a source. I assume that they would appear in Rootsmagic as a WebTag similarly attached to the person.




New Ancestry treeshare marriage functionality

27 August 2017 - 04:34 AM



I have just used the new treeshare functionality that allows you to pick the relevant spouse for each marriage. (I was updating Rootsmagic from Ancestry.)


The first marriages I added were for a person with two spouses, both already in Ancestry and Rootsmagic. This worked like a dream, where in the previous version neither marriage would have been linked to a spouse.


However, subsequent and much more common marriages were less of a success. The most common case is where a spouse and a marriage are being added to an existing person at the same time. Here, when you try to add the marriage, you get the response 'This person has no partner to add this event to'  even if you have already 'added' the spouse in the treeshare dialogue. Instead you need to go through a two stage process, first adding the spouse and accepting changes (which removes the person and the new spouse from the list of people with changes), and then going back and then going back to the same person and adding the marriage.


This is obviously not ideal, especially when people including me have been commenting that treeshare is too labour intensive.


Personally, I think that the new function is an advance even so - you can only successfully automate things without causing problems if you can first get them to work without introducing errors - but it would obviously be good if a subsequent release could include spouses about to be added by treeshare as well as those already existing in Rootsmagic.



Rootsmagic/Ancestry issues

30 July 2017 - 07:52 PM

I am very grateful to the Rootsmagic team for developing this function and for rolling out a quick improvement to it. It seems generally to be stable and well-designed. It will allow me to make use of the two systems more effectively. I have two groups of issues:


The amount of work involved

The system is too labour intensive to be viable in the long term. The main points to be fixed here are

1. Being able to approve all the changes in one direction or the other by person, or even for all people, while retaining options to review individual changes (as many others have suggested)

2. The need to re-write the way that Rootsmagic holds sources at the person level (as the Rootsmagic team has noted)


However, there are other things. For example matching a Rootsmagic person to one in FamilySearch causes it to come up on the list of changes for comparison with Ancestry, even though nothing relevant to Ancestry has changed in Rootsmagic. This can cause lots of work to review.


Problems involving the integrity of data

1. When an existing Ancestry (or Rootsmagic) person is added as parent, child or spouse of another person, the interface prompts you to create a duplicate in the other system and does not give you any option to link the new parent, child or spouse to the already existing person. There is a way of working round this by duplicating the linkages on both sides, but this means remembering to handle each one individually.

2. When a person has more than one spouse, the interface does not handle marriages properly. Both husband and wife have a marriage added, but the neither marriage includes the spouse. To fix this manually, you need to go into Rootsmagic, delete and then re-add the marriages.

3. The initial download of trees transfers the status of children (biological, adopted, step, unknown etc), but the interface does not pick up changes and let you pass them through.

4. I deleted a surname in Rootsmagic, but was not given the option of deleting the same surname from Ancestry.

5, As others have noted, there are problems dealing with duplicate events. For example, I had a duplicated marriage in Rootsmagic, one copy with a husband, one without, but the details otherwise the same. These both linked to the same single marriage event in Ancestry, suggesting that there was a duplicate there too when there was not, and not giving me the option to delete the duplicate in Rootsmagic.


Thanks again for developing this excellent function. I do hope that you will be able to continue to work on improving it.



Alan Watson


PS Now that Rootsmagic has a working relationship with Ancestry, it would be great if you could persuade them to make some basic changes to their system too - adding prefix and nickname fields to Ancestry would be fantastic.