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In Topic: Display the number of differences between RootsMagic and Ancestry

03 March 2018 - 12:53 AM

Just to be clear the filter that you can apply is to see people with changes, not people with differences, which is not the same thing. People often appear on the differences list because of changes that are not strictly relevant to Treeshare (ie there is no difference), and you can mark people from that list as not changed, so that they disappear, even though they have differences. Marriages can cause differences to occur even without marking someone to accept changes.


Showing people with differences in addition to the current list of people with changes would be very useful.




In Topic: notes lost

01 November 2017 - 07:46 PM

On the Ancestry notes being hidden, I like the idea of setting up a fact (biography, genealogy or whatever). I came up with a rather clumsier option. I want people invited to my Ancestry tree to see notes/queries that I have about a person, so I add them to the ancestry comments field. When I realised that these weren't being copied to Rootsmagic I started (a long job) copying them to the notes field too. It's a bit more maintenance, but just a copy/paste per person with a note.



In Topic: Misc TreeShare Quirks / Bugs

01 November 2017 - 12:04 AM

I often see entries like this where a person is apparently duplicated on both sides, but where in fact there is a duplicate in Rootsmagic only. Of course there may be other causes in your case, but when I get it, deleting the rootsmagic duplicate removes the duplicate line in treeshare.


I have today had different problems arising from a pair of manual merges that I carried out on both sides. The initial duplicates occurred because two brothers changed their names, and I had not realised that the two names were for the same person. I merged the two in both Ancestry and Rootsmagic, using the same main name and keeping the same alternate name on both sides. Treeshare then created endless problems, which I might have spotted if I had not been going through a large number of updates. It showed me an alternative view for each of the brothers in which they were not matched to their wives and children which I then duplicated. But the new wives did not link properly, so that each of the new children was created having separate relationships to a father and unknown mother and a mother an unknown father.


I have just spent a couple of hours sorting the mess out.



In Topic: RM keeps freezing

09 August 2017 - 02:38 AM

Hi Mpertuz,


You are certainly not the only one who has been having lots of technical problems.


These should never force you to reboot your computer. If you are using windows you need to go into the 'processes' in task manager, find the task 'rootsmagic.exe' and choose 'end process'. Rootsmagic will then shut down and you will be able to re-open it.


I have been getting numerous types of errors, all when Rootsmagic is interacting with Familysearch


  • Range check errors (eg when using rootsmagic to add one person already matched in to familysearch as parent of another person already matched to family search)
  • Time out errors (when querying FamilySearch)
  • No response to a query on family search (a blank frame in the screen) without freezing (when querying FamilySearch)
  • No response with freezing (when querying FamilySearch)
  • Other errors that I don't currently remember.

I have also been using the new interface to synchronise Rootsmagic with Ancestry, but these problems happen irrespective of whether I have logged in to ancestry.


Some of these errors (eg range check) are new; others are happening much more frequently than before.




In Topic: Rootsmagic/Ancestry issues

06 August 2017 - 08:25 AM

Hi again,


On treeshare, there is no way to delete in Rootsmagic a relationship which has been deleted in Ancestry.


I have had two examples today, one where I had mistakenly married a woman to the wrong brother and one where I had mistakenly added a child to a second rather than a first spouse. In both cases, I wanted to keep the person but delete the relationship. In the end I had to unlink both people manually in Rootsmagic. This is not very difficult but it is also not ideal as you have to make a note of the required manual changes while you are working through the list of changes on treeshare.