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Need Help Making Clear Distinction Between GEDcoms in database

28 March 2017 - 10:30 PM

I am attempting to find a line through DNA. I have triangulated and gathered GEDcoms for these matches. I need a method to clearly identify a person in the tree to the Original DNA match so that when a duplicate arises I will clearly know if it is a duplicate of my error (person entered into tree twice) or if this is a duplicate with another tree (the person is noted in A and in B therefore common ancestor). 


Originally, I was including the name in the nickname when hand entering the information. When I realized how long this would take, I built trees through an online service and then downloaded the gedcoms.


I figured I would be able to search and replace after watching a video. However, I learned that search and replace only works when there is information in the field to replace - that I could not just add a fact for everyone in the tree easily. I thought I could add the DNA matches name to everyone as a nickname. I really do not care where the information lands, I just need to find a method to add to everyone in the DNA match's GEDcom so that I can quickly see the DNA match they belong to in the grand scheme of things. There are way too many people to individually go back and add this information.


Then I figured I could use a shared fact and could clearly see if there was a difference when running a duplicate search. However the shared fact did not show. Then I thought I could change the people view to include the fact, but that did not work either as the shared event did not show there either. Is there a way to create a master fact and then apply to people instead of creating a fact for one person and then sharing?


I called support to determine if there was a way to add a general note to everybody that was not a shared fact. They suggested named groups. This would work but there is no method to have the name of the group show up in duplicate search or on the people view. I already have each gedcom as a marked group. There did not seem to be a method to add a group note.


I am not able to color code since there are way more gedcoms to import than colors allowed - unless there is a method to increase the number of colors to about 100.


Using the compare trees option would work, but would take so much time with the numerous gedcoms I have built. I am unwilling to do this.


I got on this board and read about the shared events issue. Another program I used at least allowed the people with the shared event to show up in the index view, which is why I did not think twice.


I tried to read the SQlite program to change the shared events to individual events, but my brain is so tired of trying to find a solution that the information the process is just not registering. I also did not find a clear (read 'explain as though I am four years old') how-to do SQlite. I have randomly heard of this, but have absolutely no idea what this means or even how to implement the code. 


If someone has a suggestion about how to add a note to everyone that will show up for everyone everywhere, please let me know. I am somewhat computer literate and am not too terribly afraid to try different approaches. However, if there is a native method to add this, I would very much like this option instead. Otherwise, if someone could maybe explain (like I am four), what SQlite is and how to implement, I would appreciate it. I have a mac.


I also read about the iOS program gedview, I think, which I could use, but want to be sure that if I take that route, the shared events will definitely change so that they show in people view or duplicate search not resulting in me trying to find a different method to just see who belongs to who in my database.


Thank you in advance for any suggestions. I am tired of trying to figure it out. I am willing to give a little bit more time into this, but I am so very close to giving up.