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In Topic: Need Help Making Clear Distinction Between GEDcoms in database

03 April 2017 - 05:29 PM

I tried to "like" everyone's responses, but got an error saying I have reached my quota of "positive votes" for the day, which is apparently zero since I have not "liked" anyone's post. So, I will send a group "Like this" to all.



Thanks again.

In Topic: Need Help Making Clear Distinction Between GEDcoms in database

03 April 2017 - 05:25 PM



So this is the "solution" requiring breaking out and reinstalling VMware (reason for buying RM so I could eliminate windows running even though RM not really a mac program). I tried to find a database program, but just could not figure it out. RMtrix works a treat, but no mac support - so VMware here we come.


Downloaded RMtrix in my windows program with all the other files noted on the instruction page.


Import GEDcom into RM create and share ref no fact with everyone.


Close RM.


Copy the RM file and paste into Windows.


Open RMtrix, run share event to individual.


Copy the file again and paste back onto Mac.


Reopen file in RM File>database>reindex - check to see if the "share" event comes up.


Delete the shared event - not the event in black, but the one with the green arrow removing it from everyone - double check to make sure it is gone from a couple people.


Export the file as GEDcom.


Open file with mac Text Editor.


Find [cmd F] the line where it says witness. Type the entire line contents after the number into Find. Select "Replace" with REFN [insert what the reference number needs to be].


Save the file.


Reopen RM and reimport GEDcom file - using a different name so that RM will accept it.


Find all the extraneous files to delete from having to name and rename files for the different steps.


and Voila [tongue in cheek] the fact is seen in all windows just as if it were added individually.



Let me just say, I switched to RM from Legacy because I could run it on my Mac. I know that Legacy's shared events are at least viewable in all the various screens/areas, no they are not seen as individual events, but they can be VIEWED as though they were. I assumed, yes, I know, that shared events would at least be visible on the different screens/areas, otherwise what is the point of having them. If you are looking for people missing census records, your search will be incorrect since RM apparently does not count shared events anywhere but the edit screen. I am not saying make them permanent, well that would be nice, but at least make them usable. Having to do all the steps above just to have facts visible makes the process frustrating, ridiculous, and very inefficient. Please, please, please change the shared events to at least be viewable in the different screens/areas - I know I am not alone after this fiasco and reading about how to fix this. I do not think this is being overly picky nor do I think that having shared events viewable as being a tricky, difficult problem.



I want to thank everyone who responded to help me piece together this convoluted solution. I would not have been able to do this without all of the suggestions. Gratitude to all.

In Topic: Need Help Making Clear Distinction Between GEDcoms in database

02 April 2017 - 10:51 AM

That makes me feel better, I must have watched one that used the command line version appearing to be terminal commands. I tend to know just enough to cause me panic. 


Also, I have seen there is a script (thank you I have been trying to remember what it was called) for adding a REFN to everyone. I have been thinking that I like the shared events only because when you change the main fact this changes everyone's when finding the MRCA I can add it to that fact. So, I also like the idea of having the REFN that shows up next to the name everywhere (I tested this and the only place I cannot get it to show up is in the sidebar list, which is no big deal since it shows up everywhere else.)



Seems that I would use FACTS - SPLIT SHARED TO INDIVIDUAL. COPY RIN TO REFN seems not right if doing a unique reference number and do not care about RIN. COPY FACT TO GROUP seems to come with an interesting instruction of for the Braveheart (not so much - not sure if that was meant to be funny, but I will take it literally).


Are any of these what I am looking for:


This project has previous been known as "SQLite Browser" and "Database Browser for SQLite". - http://sqlitebrowser.org


razorsql - http://razorsql.com/download_mac.html


sqlite manager - https://github.com/l.../sqlite-manager (says this is an extension for the internet browsers)


Sequel Pro - http://www.sequelpro.com



Much appreciation for all the help.



Edit to note - "SQLite Browser" and "Database Browser for SQLite". - http://sqlitebrowser.org is the only one that opened RM database, but ran into problems because of RMNOCASE. This may have made it easier to figure out, but the trail ended there.

In Topic: Need Help Making Clear Distinction Between GEDcoms in database

01 April 2017 - 07:25 PM

So, it is looking like there is nothing in RM that will add anything to everyone. I already marked each person with a shared fact containing the DNA person's name and once in the master tree I make a named group, so there are ways for me to know who belongs to whom. There just is no way to see this in any view except for the edit screen.


The information I read about SQlite seems to imply that this gets encoded into my OS, which makes me nervous. But it appears that this is the only way I am going to be able to add something to everyone in a way that will show up in duplicate search or in people view. Is there a way to "uninstall" SQlite? Also, the wiki page for change a shared event to and individual event includes commands, is this just a copy/paste situation or will I need to change parts of the commands to match my information?



Yeah, I did not think this would be so hard, but apparently it is. Is there a generic program that allows editing of GEDcoms so that I can add something to everyone in a GEDcom and then reimport back into RM? 

In Topic: Need Help Making Clear Distinction Between GEDcoms in database

31 March 2017 - 06:01 PM

Sorry for the delay in responding, we have flooding where I live and the Internet was down - do not worry I managed to survive, barely.


So both of those suggestions seem great. Gratitude all around. Now I have questions.


SQlite, like I wrote earlier, seems to evade my abilities even when reading the SQlite for dummies my brain shuts down and I start rocking back and forth. Is there maybe a video on youtube or a pictorial instructions on how do do the fact for everyone or do use SQlite (I have done basic terminal activities, but through cut and past, e.g. unhide library folder. For example, where in the process do you do this? What do I need to do? Will it work on a mac? Do you recommend a particular SQ program for Mac? etc.


"If you could add a Reference Number fact to everyone in the GEDCOM then in RootsMagic under Tools>File Options>General>"Number to display after name" set to "Reference Number (REFN). "


does this mean each person has to have a unique number or does this mean, say for like Joe, I set everyone for joe starting with 2200 and then everyone else would get their own number that starts with 2201, 2202, jim would be 2301, 2302? Or does this mean I can set one reference number to everyone in the database, so everyone in Jim's database would have the number 23 displayed? Does it have to be a number or can I include letters e.g. initials of the DNA match?  Can this be done when I import the GEDcom into RM as its own database when I  perform clean-up, search for duplicates, etc. before dragging into main tree? Is this their RIN number? Is there a video on how to do this? 


Both suggestions are very encouraging, maybe I can go on (dramatic much, maybe, but I own it).




Edited to add: So it seems that record number is automatically generated and reference number is created by user after doing some reading. I am not finding references to how to add a REFN to everyone, but I am liking that everyone can have the same "number" since it appears that this can contain numbers, letters, or both. Also, been watching SQlite general videos and this concept is less elusive, however, still not quite understanding how this works with RM. Also, does this significantly alter my OS because the videos I have watched seem to imply this goes into the computers actual coding. I am also wondering about the commands on SQlite wiki, are they a direct cut and paste or do they have to be altered for your specific program? 


I figured out how to add a reference number, but this is the same problem as a shared fact. There are too many people to individually change every person to have a reference number. I think my smallest tree is 90 people and I have what appears to be millions of trees, so that is not going to be a solution unless there is something I am missing in adding a reference number to everyone.