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In Topic: Rootsmagic Mac version 8

08 January 2021 - 01:22 PM

A bit of a comment of the change-over from a virtual machine based Mac product to a cross-compiler based one...


What concerns me about calling RootsMagic 8 on the Mac "native" is that I understand from others that it doesn't actually make maximum use the Mac system libraries as one might expect a "native" program to do. That would likely be due to the use of a cross-compiler to support both Windows and Mac from the same code. Having had more than a bit of experience in software engineering and writing compilers, I can say that the performance and "look and feel" usually suffer to some extent over a program written specifically for the target system, and debugging is almost always a real issue. I suspect the latter is where most of the "teething" issues will lie as the product matures.


That's not to say that a small company can economically maintain two development streams. But; what seems to have been done is get rid of using the virtual machine to do system calls and doing those within "host" libraries that form part of the compiler output. The net result of such an approach would likely be that some "Mac-specific" features won't be present or will work slightly differently.


If this situation is in fact true, the Mac community really hasn't gained much by the change except for the an improved front-end paradigm. Time will tell...

In Topic: Rootsmagic Mac version 8

26 November 2020 - 12:39 PM

Has anyone delved into the formats that RM7 writes to disk?

If one uses MSWord for post-processing, and ONLY MSWord, the RTF option puts out something quasi-useful. The other format options don't have the same features and really aren't that useful for transferring the report for post-processing. That said, the footnotes and bookmarks seem to be mislinked in the RTF version, so that the first link is non-functional and the rest are offset by one. eg.the superscript 2 links to footnote there etc.


I sure hope RootsMagic spends time making sure the internal links in the exported RM8 reports actually work and... NOT JUST IN MSWord!


I am really not pleased at needing to have a monthly subscription to MSWord just to polish something something like a narrative report. The subscription quickly adds up to more than the cost of RootsMagic itself.


OpenOffice, LibreOffice, NeOffice and even Scrivener are very good at importing and editing RTF formatted files, but it seems that it's not possible to do much with the reports from RM7. Repairing all the links in the exported RTF reports is far too big a task.

In Topic: Post-processing of RTF reports

16 November 2020 - 01:37 PM

I've confirmed with RM Tech support that the bug has been reported. As usual, they have no information on whether the logged bug will be fixed. I asked nothing about RM8, as the bug could have been planned to be fixed in an RM7 maintenance release. But, of course, I received the stock answre that they had no information. This paranoia about the possibility of saying something that might indicate what RM8 might do has gotten to the point of severely impacting the ability to offer standard tech support. I sure hope they either release RM8 soon or just kill it. I paid for the upgrade a few years ago and would rather kiss the money goodbye than put up with the way it's driving the ability to get answers on the current product.

In Topic: Post-processing of RTF reports

16 November 2020 - 11:53 AM


Thanks. I didn't know about that. Every link to an endnote that I just tested came up one less. Strange bug.


You can still buy Microsoft Office without subscribing. The current version is Office 2019 and a new version is due out next year.


I can get NeoOffice (Mac) for FAR less than MSOffice. I also think that this may be more than making the export particular to MSOffice. I'm looking at the byte-level contents of the file. I suspect things are incorrectly tagged.

In Topic: Post-processing of RTF reports

16 November 2020 - 11:51 AM

Have you tried the free version of MS Word?  Available online with a free OneDrive account, I've not tested it myself but perhaps worth a try?


I have commented before that it would be nice to see ODT as an option for report output, could be use with Libra or Open Office, I gather even MS Word  supports it now.

The free version of MSWord will allow one to upload and open an RTF, but you can't save it as a different format and it doesn't seem to solve the issues with the footnotes/endnotes. I'm still checking things out with an byte-level editor to see what has happened.

Yes. ODT output would be nice, as would MultiMarkDown. Most savy computer users are aware that ODT tends to be widely used, as is MultiMarkDown. That said, I somehow doubt that this addition will happen. Given that I can actually open the file in NeoOffice (LibreOffice for the Mac), I'll be happy if I could be sure that what appear to be software bugs had been fixed.