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How best to document evidence of parent relationship?

07 January 2017 - 04:28 PM

New to RootsMagic, am former TMG user, and need help doing a minor thing.


I am used to mining a source for all the facts/evidence on it, and don't know how best to do this in one particular case with RootsMagic.


I have a death certificate which lists the deceased's birth parents.  So, this is evidence of the parental relationship between the deceased and each of the deceased's parents that I want to capture.


In particular, I do not want to just document the parent/child relationship as a proven fact, since I anticipate other documents may offer conflicting evidence and I want to weigh the preponderance of the evidence after some more evidence has accumulated.


Here's how I approached it (but this approach has left me unsatisfied).


I first went into the deceased's "Edit Person" screen.  I then added a source to the Birth fact.  I then shared this fact with both parents.


The problem is now when I go to the father's Edit Person screen, although I see the shared child's Birth fact, that fact lists every source for the fact, most of which don't pertain.  In this case the only evidence is the child's death certificate, not the whole stack of source citations that buttress the birth.  I don't want that because it falsely suggests there is a great body of evidence for the relationship, but I only intend to document this one source as evidence.


I imagine I'm approaching this all wrong.  How should I approach doing what I'm trying to do?


Many thanks in advance.

Dave Gorman