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In Topic: How best to document evidence of parent relationship?

08 January 2017 - 08:21 PM

Thanks all, for your time helping me to think this through.


What I'm struggling with a bit is the fact that TMG and RM just implement facts differently, and my habits were set by TMG.


c24m48, I agree with you that RM is "very deficient in providing a good place to attach evidence of parentage."  That's a hoot!  Genealogy is, after all, the establishment of parentage!  Parentage seems to be the main thing, so that's an odd thing to be deficient in.  That just sounds crazy to me.


SomebodySmart, no, am not trying to distinguish natural vs. adopted.  I'm just trying to document all evidence I run across, and when I have good evidence of parentage, the place I'm used to documenting that doesn't seem to exist.  I don't want to throw away the information or create custom tags so that I can enter a second time information which has already been entered.


You can see what I'm after in the Timeline tab, which is similar to the Person Edit view except that it includes birth, marriage, and death facts belonging to immediate family members.  So "Birth-Child" is depicted automatically, for example.  That's what I want, only I expected it on the Person Edit view.  Also, I expected the fact to be editable independently of the birth fact, which might have many citations/evidence of the birth, but very few of which might also provide evidence of the parentage.  The parentage and the birth are separate things!  They should be citied separately, because one might prove the birth but not have proved the parentage.


TomH, your idea of creating a custom tag for ChildParent seems to have an issue: it loses the automation that should be there...the software should make that tag automatically when I tell the software that A is a child of B.  I don't want to manually (laboriously) create all these tags, and then have the issue of getting the narratives squared away, etc.  The automation is present in the Timeline view.


At the root of what I'm struggling with is that RM has a category of facts called "family facts", whereas TMG only has "facts", they are all individual facts.  In TMG the "family group sheet" is just a view of the data model and not it's own data construct as it seems to be in RM.  I'm not sure why RM even has family facts, it seems that all facts should belong to individuals.  


What in RM appears in the Timeline view as "somebody else's fact" (e.g., "Birth-Child") really belongs to the individual, not the immediate family member (child), because the individual sired or birthed someone, which is a significant event that in my view should be automatically reflected in the parents set of facts (as it is done in TMG).


I suppose I will move on to more productive things, now that I see there isn't a simple way of doing what I was trying to do.  I'm old enough to know better than to try and cram square pegs into round holes.  But I'm rather impressed that software intended for serious genealogy cannot capture easily partial, conflicting, or tentative evidence of parentage (which is the main thing in genealogy, isn't it?).  I hope RM will fix that in the future.


zhangrau could you please clarify what you meant when you say you "paste a citation"?


Thanks again,

Dave Gorman