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Tree Share and/or Ancestry oddities

10 October 2017 - 08:28 AM

I was up through the "H's" on my journey to get my Rootsmagic database in sync with Ancestry. Been at it since July. I recently went ahead an got FTM 2017 and I've synced that with the same Ancestry tree. So I have RM7 and FTM 2017 linked to the same tree and I'm doing 95% of the work in RM7. The 5% of work I'm doing FTM 2017 is merging people. 


This is where the oddities some in. 


I downloaded a new file from Ancestry to FTM 2017 and ran the duplicate checker. I made sure to only merge people A thru H so I could tell the people to delete in RM7 (since I haven't gotten all the "new" RM7 people up to Ancestry I-Z). 


If I merge someone in RM7 I see the person show up in Treeshare as a delete in Ancestry, as expected. If I merge someone in FTM 2017 and sync, I see two bizarre things. First off if I merge someone I'll get dozens of other people marked as changed. For example I just merged 16 people, and have over 100 changes that popped up. Next issue is none of the people I marked show up as "to be deleted" in RM7. 


As a result of this while I was up through the H's, I'm now working my way back through the C's. Not really going in the right direction.


Now I'd give numbers, but Tree Share doesn't show the pending changes (like FTM 2017 does).

Weird percentages on TreeShare

25 September 2017 - 06:15 PM

Not a terribly pressing issue, but when using TreeShare it periodically reports rather bizarre percentages of completion such as 17500% or 51200%. It's a bit disconcerting when it seems to hang for a few seconds then pops up that bizarre number. 

What would I lose if I used FTM 2017 just to sync?

23 September 2017 - 01:53 PM

I never got the FTM 2017 upgrade, but since I'm about 3 months into attempting to sync with Ancestry (using RM to merge my MyHeritage and Ancestry data) and I'm only through the H's I'm starting to lose hope I'll ever catch up.


The "discount" upgrade to FTM 2017 ends next weekend, so I was thinking of getting the upgrade, exporting my RM data via GEDCOM, attaching FTM 2017 to the same tree and importing the RM data.


I have a "syncing" feeling I would lose a lot of things, like place details, but really don't know all the potential impact.


Has anyone tried using both?

Dealing with GEDCOMs

31 August 2017 - 08:14 PM

Having dealt with many programs I see wonderful reporting, publishing and synchronization capabilities in many of them. What I don't see is "grunt work" capabilities in most of them.


For example there is an excellent series of videos on converting lists to GEDCOM using Excel. For people like me that know Excel that's wonderful. What doesn't exist is an easy way to convert various lists to GEDCOM without Excel. I can do it, my sister can't.


I also use GenMerge. Which is really cool because it does all manner of reporting and error checking against GEDCOM files, and can also merge them. User friendly, no so much.


What I'm working on today is a means to dump GEDCOMs from several sources into a DB and report on them to find issues, as well as dump various lists into the same DB in a CSV format. Output would be GEDCOM.


The whole point is to have a means to find issues and consolidate information in a raw and non-proprietary format before dumping it into a reporting and documentation program like RootsMagic. Obviously some programs import GED files better than others, but maybe something presenting them with GEDCOM 5.5 file from whatever input would encourage some standardization.


What I'm doing is dumping out something that RM and others can import to save me cleanup time. I'm sure there are some other ideas I could expand on from a parse/cleanup standpoint.


This is GEDCOM parse/error or getting text to GEDCOM only. My utopian solution is delivering data to RM that will easily merge.



Treeshare with spouses with unknown last name

27 August 2017 - 01:10 PM

I had a number of spouses in my ancestry tree that had the wrong (i.e. husband's) last name. I realized when I created my new RM database from Ancestry and merged in the GEDCOM from MyHeritage I would have duplicates, so I used the name clean feature to clean up a large number of spouses and merge them with the MyHeritage spouses that I'd removed the last name on already.


Now I have a whole bunch of wives in my database with no last name and want to sync that information to Ancestry to assist in finding the real maiden name. RM sees the change, but does not give me the option to blank out the name in ancestry.


How do I remove a last name via TreeShare?