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More Ancestry Sync issues

26 November 2017 - 08:21 AM

I'm seeing two issues I feel are related that are hindering my Ancestry Sync (that I still have months of work to do to complete).


First off I'm finding a large number of duplicated marriage events. Often this will be the same couple, but reversed. For example John Smith and Jane Doe will be married once with John Smith as father and Jane Doe as mother, another with Jane Doe as father and John Smith as mother. The only way I can get rid of these is to manually remove them in Ancestry, and these events only exist on the Ancestry side.


I'm see also what I believe to be a symptom of the above issue, significant duplication of the children of the duplicated marriage. If were are 6 children, there will be 12, with 6 being half-siblings with Jane Doe as the father and John Smith as the mother. The only way to fix this is merge each in Ancestry, and then manually delete the reversed parent relationship. These children are identical duplicates of their half-siblings, and they only exist on the Ancestry side.


The shear volume of these (I'm dealing with many hundreds) shows the only way this could be happening is via automation. I can't tell if the issue is from the RM side or the Ancestry side, but I do know the only way to fix it is on the Ancestry side.



Misc TreeShare Quirks / Bugs

28 October 2017 - 05:37 AM

I'm still attempting to get my fairly large tree synced using TreeShare, and it's a test of wills.


Often I will get the same person listed twice on the RootsMagic side. I have verified that there are not two people in RM, and when I resolve one of them and accept the changes they both go away.


Sometimes in a flurry of clicking that comes with TreeShare I'll make a wrong click and the only option is to cancel all the changes and go back and redo them. This is annoying, being able to undo the last change would be nice. Obviously not having to click so much would be better.


Also in a flurry of clicking you may miss an event or sources, and it's not always clear which you've done and which you haven't. I see that there is an attempt with the red/yellow, but for some reason with sources that doesn't always work.









Need recommendations on tracking "random" facts

25 October 2017 - 06:26 PM

I'm attempting to create some documentation for my wife's family line that is fragmented and ends (mostly) in the 1800's. The uncommon last name opens some possibilities. I've had some success reconnecting some lines via newspaper obits, but I'm also getting a bunch of hits in random newspaper articles. For example one branch had some bowlers that were written up often in the early 20th century, another was referenced in articles about football, and there are various scholarly references and criminal altercations.


I'd like to track them in RM as facts, since they place people in cities at certain times and sometimes name relatives. By adding names and places I sometimes get search hints that help me find more solid info like census and birth / death notices. 


I'm not quite sure what to call them as far as fact type. I have added "residence" fact types with city and date when I see an obit that says something like "survived by his brother John Smith of OldTown, Oldstate" but not sure about some random reference to someone's bowling score.

Tree Share and/or Ancestry oddities

10 October 2017 - 08:28 AM

I was up through the "H's" on my journey to get my Rootsmagic database in sync with Ancestry. Been at it since July. I recently went ahead an got FTM 2017 and I've synced that with the same Ancestry tree. So I have RM7 and FTM 2017 linked to the same tree and I'm doing 95% of the work in RM7. The 5% of work I'm doing FTM 2017 is merging people. 


This is where the oddities some in. 


I downloaded a new file from Ancestry to FTM 2017 and ran the duplicate checker. I made sure to only merge people A thru H so I could tell the people to delete in RM7 (since I haven't gotten all the "new" RM7 people up to Ancestry I-Z). 


If I merge someone in RM7 I see the person show up in Treeshare as a delete in Ancestry, as expected. If I merge someone in FTM 2017 and sync, I see two bizarre things. First off if I merge someone I'll get dozens of other people marked as changed. For example I just merged 16 people, and have over 100 changes that popped up. Next issue is none of the people I marked show up as "to be deleted" in RM7. 


As a result of this while I was up through the H's, I'm now working my way back through the C's. Not really going in the right direction.


Now I'd give numbers, but Tree Share doesn't show the pending changes (like FTM 2017 does).

Weird percentages on TreeShare

25 September 2017 - 06:15 PM

Not a terribly pressing issue, but when using TreeShare it periodically reports rather bizarre percentages of completion such as 17500% or 51200%. It's a bit disconcerting when it seems to hang for a few seconds then pops up that bizarre number.