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TreeShare Undo last action

24 April 2018 - 07:17 AM

TreeShare requires an extreme amount of clicking to sync an individual, and in the middle of the clicking it's easy to click something wrong, for example saying "add event" instead of "update event".


When that's done the only option is to discard all the changes and start over. When you already done 20 or so clicks on that person tossing them all out is a real PITA. While I would prefer a TreeShare process with less clicking, at a minimum it would be nice to not get penalized for small mistakes.



Misc RootsMagic Mac 7.5.5 issues

07 April 2018 - 07:16 AM

Not sure if I should put RM Mac issues here or in the RM Mac section. These are bugs that are I assume are related to CrossOver. Please move if it's in the wrong place.


Each of these has a workaround, but they are annoyances that interfere with workflow. Since I use RM on both platforms I've confirmed these are Mac specific. I would like to continue using RM primarily on the Mac, but will switch back to using Windows if there's no effective solution.


  • When using TreeShare neither of the the Delete buttons work (i.e if someone is on Ancestry and not RM and you wish to delete them from Ancestry it errors when hitting Delete and does nothing, vice versa is also true).
  • Window clicks are often ignored. (i.e if you are working through a listbox of people or places clicking on a person often doesn't do anything).
  • Listbox don't always refresh, or refresh slowly. (i.e. if you are doing something like merging place names and delete one the list and either be half blank, or not refresh).
  • Listboxs don't scroll normally. (i.e. you should be able to click in the scrollbar to go to the next "page", only clicking the up/down arrow works)

This is with the latest RM version, and Mac OS 10.12 (Sierra, not High Sierra). I've avoided going to High Sierra due to the Crossover issues, but maybe getting the newer Crossover and moving to High Sierra would solve them. Advise would be appreciated.






Change fact type

10 March 2018 - 12:04 PM

I have a number of people that have a birth event, but on further research I see that it's really a baptism event. I also have some books I'm trying to enter data from that only list baptism but baptism isn't an initial data entry option.


So I really have two questions. Can I take existing birth events and change them to baptism, and can I change the data entry screen to accept a baptism in addition to (or replacing) Birth.

TreeShare oddity

07 March 2018 - 07:50 AM

I'm not sure if this a bug, quirk, ID10T error, or whatever. I've been working for many months to sync my tree with an Ancestry. I'm been making good progress note that I've worked through various quirks, and the latest one is even though I have no "adds" showing in either direction and a couple hundred updates left, the number of people is off by 122.



Date        Ancestry     Rootsmagic    Diff

1/30/18     8465            9122        657

1/31/18     8492            9178        686

 2/5/18     8474            9171        697

 2/7/18     8640            9200        560

 2/8/18     9037            9234        197

2/13/18     9070            9232        162

2/21/18     9221            9289         68

2/25/18     9362            9323        -39

2/26/18     9459            9332       -127

 3/7/18     9481            9359       -122


Any ideas how this works.

Overall validation

01 March 2018 - 08:53 PM

There are a number of validations that could be done but arent. Ive been working with a number of tools that have various checks I see that each has some things they look for, others they don t.

I dont want to start a whats wrong or right thing here, but I am thinking about things that could be checked that either I dont know is available or I dont know to look for.

My broad sense is there are thing I could check for that I dont but RM can, but things I should but RM doesnt.

So some discussion of validation techniques with RM in specific would be helpful to me.