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Today, 04:29 AM



In a topic in Issues I documented a number of conditions that will cause TreeShare to duplicate people. It slowed down my efforts considerably until I figured that out. In essence just about any relationship issue with parents will cause duplication.

In Topic: Reunion GEDCOM import question

Yesterday, 04:56 PM

I have Reunion, so you could show the portions of the GEDCOM that are in question we could tweak either end. There is also GEDitCOM II for the Mac that could allow you to alter the GEDCOM files. Yes, it's not free, but compared to the amount of time you might spend altering GEDCOMs on either end it may be worth it.

In Topic: Up to the P's!

21 February 2018 - 07:27 PM

Almost a month since my last post I'm into the S's. I started capturing counts of what's in each database, and things are getting close. What I don't know (and would like RM to report) is the number of matched but updated people, the number in RM not in Ancestry, and the number in Ancestry not in RM. (ideally knowing the number of events matched, number in RM, number in Ancestry, etc would be great too).


I'm been getting faster, and know now how I'm getting duplicates being generated so I can not do that, and that cuts down on the cleanup and speeds up the sync. Maybe instead of June it'll be April.



Date   Ancestry Rootsmagic Diff

1/30/18  8465      9122     657

1/31/18  8492      9178     686

 2/5/18  8474      9171     697

 2/7/18  8640      9200     560

 2/8/18  9037      9234     197

2/13/18  9070      9232     162

2/21/18  9221      9289      68

In Topic: Disappointed today

06 February 2018 - 07:47 AM

If I was a library admin I wouldn't let you run anything from a flash drive. It's a huge security issue. 

In Topic: Using multiple computers to access the same database

24 January 2018 - 04:49 PM

Everyone needs to keep in mind the purpose of the various tools. OneDrive, iCloud, Dropbox, etc are FILE sharing tools that are NOT intended for multi-user access of individual files. They are intended to update entire files at once, not parts of a file. Where they can get you in trouble with your RM database is when the cloud agent senses a change it will attempt to copy the cached local copy to the cloud, and that can interfere with what RM is trying to do. 


Programs like RM (and MyHeritage 8) use SQLite, which is a single user database. So while multiple users can READ the database at once, only one of them can update. You could use a cloud file sharing service to distribute COPIES of your data, but you'll need some change broker (such as TreeShare) to move the changes around.


Personally I'll like to see RM use multiple databases, without proprietary extensions on any, so you could if desired use local SQLite, or a something like SQL Server or MySQL. Leave the desktop UI the same, and have it create the tables as needed in a new database (or new DB file in the SQLite case) but be able to "connect" to a SQL Server or MySQL database when users wanted to use large database capabilities. Essentially just like you can have multiple SQLite databases today, you could connect to multiple databases of various types depending on your need. 


That would allow people like me who have access to a cloud based multi-user database (i.e. Azure or AWS) could grant connection privileges to friends and relatives when multi-user access was desired. We could also extend RM capabilities (like RMTrix) both on the desktop and web.