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In Topic: Publisher and Fact Types

Yesterday, 06:17 PM

I opened the discussion for a couple reasons, partly to see what the concensus was on the census, I.e. is it normal to default it to. Census fact or residence fact. Clearly different products act on it differently, but if someone enters it manually how do they do it. In my case, as I’m working my way through thousands of names how to do that both fast and accurately is important. 

Secondly I’m interested in strategies in using facts with the publisher feature efficiently, That’s a specific use case, as when I’m just collecting data it doesn’t really matter that a bunch of data is jammed together since I can still read it and use it for verification. When I’m trying to report on that data for use by others the rules change, and can’t be the first to face this, so feedback is much appreciated.

In Topic: Publisher and Fact Types

Yesterday, 09:50 AM


It's unclear to me what sort of feedback you are seeking. Some thoughts:

The core issue is there are census details jammed into the description field of the residence fact in a format that varies from census to census making it difficult to fix by simply changing the Residence fact sentence. For example having "OCCUPATION: Farmer" stuck in the description field along with a dozen bits of info makes sentence structure very clumsy, which is why I put it separately into an occupation fact. To me Residence facts should have residence information only, which would also allow for some combining (I'd really like to see a fact merge) in cases where someone lives in the same house for 3 census' where the census data would change, but the residence would not so you could have residence 1860-1890 Egypt, Boonies, Georgia, United States or 1860-1890 John Doe was a Farmer.

In Topic: Issue with new Crossover Wrapper

13 May 2020 - 06:47 PM

Welcome to the RootsMagic  Mac Twilight Zone. You hare experiencing typical behavior and it happens even with the latest beta version of Mac OS. It is not you or your computer.

I understand that, I’ve been using RootsMagic on a Mac for years. It’s actually been quite stable with the exception of some Treeshare quirks (delete and unlink not working). This problem is something related to the new wrapper, as I never had the issue previously. Part of the issue may be that I also have Family Tree Builder, which also uses a wrapper, but they haven’t done a 64 bit update yet. When I check the system report It says RootsMagic is 64 bit.

In Topic: Compatibility between Mac and Windows versions of RM

12 May 2020 - 11:17 AM

I currently run the Mac version of RM under Catalina.


I'm planning to take my .rmgc database over to the Windows version of RM installed in a Windows (under Bootcamp) environment, where I plan to do some editing and changes.


Will there be any compatibility issues with bringing the .rmgc file edited under RM-Windows back to RM under Catalina?  Seems a silly question but I'm interested in whether anyone has seen differences between the two versions of RM.  What got me thinking is that the button shortcuts (Alt+E for the Edit button etc.) are different between the two versions.


TIA ... John.


Same database, you'll just need to be sure to install the windows version of RM. I go back and forth because there's a couple features in TreeShare that still don't work with the new wrapper. The only difference between the Mac and Win version of RM is the Mac version is running under a wrapper that makes the RM code think it's running under Windows.

In Topic: Rootsmagic forum seems inactive 2. 1st thread is now locked

22 April 2020 - 06:10 AM

There are locked topics on top of nearly all the forums. All it means is there are certain topics the admins want everyone to see, and not necessarily comment on. 


I think the Mac forum is idle (mostly) due to there being little Mac specific comments that aren't redundant to others that are already answered. If you want to know about a version for Catalina, it's there and pinned, no need to comment on it unless you can't get it to install. If you want to know about Descendant reports, you go to the main discussion threads because there are few usage topics that are specific to Mac.