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In Topic: Merging Place Details ..

19 January 2021 - 01:46 PM



First off, in RM7 on Mac OS the menus are nearly identical to Windows since it's simply the Windows RM running in a wrapper. I merge places and place details after every session where I grab data from external sources. 


What have done already is merge all the city, county, state; county, state; and state into single entries. So I have three entries that each have multiple place details under them. So there is Green Cemetery, City, County, State, as well as Green Cemetery, County, State. Fixing that means:


a) Finding everyone using the place name / place detail referring to Green Cemetery, County, State and manually changing that reference to Green Cemetery, City, County, State, then deleting the place detail for Green Cemetery under County, State. 


B) Digging through the DB with SQL and finding the ID for Green Cemetery, County, State and changing it in all references to the ID for Green Cemetery, City, County, State, and then deleting the place detail for Green Cemetery under County, State. 


What I really want is a "move place detail" that would allow you move move a single place detail and attach it to another master place. I could probably fudge this by exporting the whole kit and caboodle to GEDCOM and editing it in text, then reimporting it into a new file so it would rebuild the place master and place detail tables. Most of your "unused places" disappear during a drag and drop, although ones that you have geocoded seem to live on.


While I will attempt (if known) to use the historical place name instead of the contemporary one, I make an exception for burial facts so I can create reports with all known people in a single cemetery. I do this as I'm leaving breadcrumbs for those coming after me and you're likely to look for a cemetery in it's contemporary location, but if you were married in county A in 1800, and now it's split to county A & B and that location is now in county B, odds are finding that marriage record will be searching for county A as opposed to B. 

In Topic: Info on version

29 August 2020 - 07:41 AM

Apparently the update doesn't work on a Mac. Might have to do a complete uninstall/install, but without knowing the specifics of the update I'll wait to see if it's worth the trouble.

In Topic: Using Remote Desktop to access RM on remote PC

20 July 2020 - 09:23 AM

I am thinking of running RM on a PC (accessed via Remote Desktop) instead of my Mac: normally I view-only in the Mac-native app, and do edit work in RM running on Parallels on my Mac. (Out of paranoia I use the Mac-native app for read-only purposes.)


However I can readily do a Remote Desktop connection from Mac to a PC...I think this will be the best solution because it is native PC, quickly connectable without the slow startup of Parallels, etc.


Anyone do the same using Remote Desktop?

I'm remote desktop'd from Mac to Windows machines pretty much all the time. Works reasonably well. I have a Pavilion 32" monitor plugged into by work MacBook Pro, and I have remote sessions going to two Windows laptops I use for development and for genealogy programs that have no Mac version such as GenMerge. I'm also "screen sharing" my personal MacBook Pro so I have 3 remote sessions up nearly all the time. 

In Topic: Add a BACK button

06 June 2020 - 08:27 AM

I doubt I'm breaking any NDA when I point out that one of the videos on RM8 seems to allow you to move forward and backward in the way your describe. 


 and no, I'm not a beta-tester and I didn't stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night.

In Topic: Exchanging RM Photo properties with embedded metadata

04 June 2020 - 05:00 AM

I've had success using ACDSee and exif tool for updating the metadata in both jpg and tif. You could also consider using the Author field. This isn't specific to RM (But I'd really like to see RM use and set metadata). On one somewhat recent large project where I digitized about 1200 slides (out of maybe 10,000) from my wife's father and grandfather. Here's the process I used.


We transcribed the descriptions, dates, and photographer into a spreadsheet. Scanned the slides in spreadsheet order and entered the filename into the spreadsheet. After they were scanned we placed them into archival sheets to be stored in a three ring archival binder. We placed a sticky note on each page with the starting filename (they were numerical). I batch set the author and dates with ACDSee, then generated a script from the spreadsheet to set the caption using exiftool.


Once that was done I was able to generate slideshow movies that showed the caption.