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Help! Where can I publish my tree?

11 December 2016 - 09:58 AM

I use rootsmagic 7 and have been exporting everything to a Gedcom file.  Then, I have been uploading it to the rootsweb.com website very successfully until this past week.  I genereated a new gedcom and uploaded it to replace an existing tree online as I have done for years.  It looked like it was working and I came back to it in 30 minutes only to find it stuck in a "No- its being indexed" stage.  I waited 36 hours and still the same message.  I deleted the tree, created a newly named gedcom and uploaded it.  Still the same problem.  Is there anything I can do to publish my info to rootweb.com?  I published it to Ancestry.com, but the notes section (with all the valuable family history in it) does not get published....that is why I like rootsweb so much in that it took the notes.  So, I generated a website using the rootsmagic app and like what it produced.  However, I don't have my own domain name or publicly accessed server to post it to.  Do you know where I can post my data to the public that will include the notes as well as basic dates and facts?  Thanks.