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Sorting spouses

09 February 2020 - 04:24 PM

I spend a lot of time on the Descendants View, working my way down through a number of generations of the descendants of a particular ancestor whom I'm researching. You can sort children under their parents by birth date, which is both obvious and logical. But when an individual has two or more spouses, there doesn't appear to be any way to sort them by marriage date. Or am I completely overlooking something?


If I have a guy with three wives, and each of them has several indented generations of descendants, it's easy for the first-listed spouse -- who might actually be the third spouse, but who happened to be entered into the database first -- to slide up out of sight. And then it's easy to get confused when I look at the later generations and see younger offspring apparently being born ahead of later offspring.


Either spouses ought to be resorted automatically when a marriage date is entered, or there ought to be an option for forcing a sort, as there is with children.

Suddenly, I can't paste text to a Note

07 February 2020 - 01:12 PM

Just this morning,since opening Roots7 after a Win10 update and a reboot, I find I can no longer paste anything into a Note, not on any fact tag. If I do a CTR-V, I get a popup with the message "Paste: Cannot open clipboard: Access is denied."


I can copy text from the Note field and paste it elsewhere. I can copy text into any other field in the upper-right part of the "Edit Person" screen -- names and places and so on. I just can't copy text and paste it into the Note field -- not even text I'm copying from the Note field itself (which is a pain when I'm trying to do something repetitive, like a census listing).


This appears to be the case with all my databases, because I tried doing copy-paste in several others. Closing and reopening the program doesn't help. Neither does rebooting the computer. Anyone familiar with this issue? Any ideas? I really DON'T want to have to reinstall the whole program.



Small point when creating a copy of a source in the Citation Manager

22 November 2019 - 10:27 AM

When I'm creating a source for a fact, and I discover that I need to create a new source in the Citation Manager, usually I can copy and then edit an existing source. This is especially true for new census sources, of which I have many and all of which follow a very fixed pattern (the way I do them). Which is fine.


But when the copy is created -- with "(COPY)" behind it -- the view of the list returns to a point where the original source (the one I copied from) is highlighted at the bottom of the view, with the new copy out of sight below it. I discovered that it's easy to overlook the copy and unintentionally begin editing the original instead -- which you definitely don't want to do.


For the sake of efficiency and for improved look-and-feel, the highlighting should be applied to the new copy, not the original. And it should be centered in the visible portion of the list, not stuck at the bottom.



Family View won't redraw when selecting someone else

22 November 2019 - 10:04 AM

I notice that when I'm on the Family View page for someone, and I click on (say) one of the children listed, or on one of the mother's parents, or anyone else, the only part of the screen that updates is the non-clickable display section at the top. Nothing else changes. If I want to actually see the correct Family View for the newly-selected person, I have to either click on a different tab ("Pedigree," "Descendants," etc) or on a different person in the sidebar, and then click back on the person I actually want to see. THEN the screen will redraw so I can see the spouse, parents, and children of the newly-selected person.



Goups - color coding & total numbers

20 November 2019 - 07:22 AM

I'm still new to RM (TMG refugee), and I'n still exploring. And I'm making heavy use of the groups function for various reasons. But I note than when I apply color coding to a named group, it only affects the people in the group at that moment. Anyone I subsequently add to that group is not color-coded. Which means I have to remember to go back periodically and update the group's color-coding, to be sure everyone in the group is flaged.


That seems pretty pointless. If I want to be able to identify the people in a group while working with them in family view (or anywhere else), I want that ability to be up-to-date. Anyone added to a named group that has already been color-coded should also be color-coded automatically. The color-coding should apply to the GROUP, regardless of who's in it.


Also: In TMG, when I was working with a focus group, it displayed the total number of people in that group at the top of the window, and also the total number currently selected (if I had any of them  selected). Since I was often selecting sub-groups for creating GEDCOMS, or whatever, I found this information quite useful. I suggest that something similar be added to the drop-down group-name bar at the top of the group tab on the sidebar. Just the total number of names in the group, in parentheses, would be enough, or the total + the number selected, e.g.: Civil War (1,680 / 225).