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Source Details (or Abstract) Not Downloading to RM

13 January 2018 - 02:08 PM

Source Details (or Abstract) Not Downloading to RM
I've raised this issue previously, but I would like to revisit it because it has become a significant problem for me.
I would appreciate any tips/suggestions as to the best way to handle this problem.
I'd also like to know if anything has been (or will be done) about this. 
When using RM Web Hints for Ancestry, I have found that when I accept a hint, the basic citation for the source transfers to RM, and if any media is attached it will also download to RM. Sometimes, some source details for the fact/event will be posted in the fact/event description field in RM. These are usually very cryptic and incomplete. However, if you view the hint on line (in Ancestry) you see a webpage listing the source citation, a link to any media available, and an "abstract" or summary of the available data about the fact/event. This abstract does not download to RM. Therefore, I am left with a citation which has little or no information about the fact/event. Many times, there is much valuable info in this abstract which is missed, unless I manually extract it. 
(I recognize that the Ancestry source "Abstract" may not have all the information that may be available about the fact/event, and that additional manual data reviews may, and probably should also be done, but it usually has way more than I would have otherwise).
My  Current Solution:
If I accept the hint, I will view it on line in Ancestry, and copy to my  clipboard the source fact/events listed in the "abstract", and then paste that information into the RM fact/event source citation details tab, for this particular fact/event. I can then use these facts to develop notes for the fact/event, etc. While this does work, it adds mutiple required steps to the web hints sharing process, and adds significant time to my research effort. 
Does anyone have a better way to accomplish this?
Any help would be greatly appreciated

RM & Ancestry Database Synchronization

02 January 2018 - 12:17 PM

Sanity Check
I would like to have a "sanity check" regarding the synchronization of my family trees in Roots Magic and in Ancestry.com. Any pro and con comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I use RM as my primary data base and Ancestry, as well as Family Search and others, as research tools. My current Ancestry tree is "private". I would like to share that tree with family later, after I have completed a thorough review of my RM tree.
My chief concern is the speed and ease of updating my RM tree. After several months of attempting to use WebHints and Tree Share to sync my RM tree with my Ancestry tree, my experience so far has been less than "stellar".  My focus now is on completing my RM tree as accurately and efficiently as possible.
My plan is to complete a review of my Roots Magic Tree by comparing it to Ancestry, using any existing WebHints from Ancestry etc, and update, and edit, my RM tree as appropriate. As each member of my RM tree has been reviewed and edited, I then add them to a Group called "RM Review Completed".  This only requires updating and correcting one family tree, not two. I am not updating Ancestry at this time.
Once all of my RM tree (or whatever sub-division of it I choose) has been reviewed, I will export a GEDCOM, using the Reviewed Group, which I will then use to create a new RM Database.
(First, one additional item -
I have found that using event sharing in RM is highly effecient, has good maintenance functionality, and saves me a ton of time. I have read and participated in numerous discussions in this forum about the difficulties that event sharing creates when sharing data with other software platforms, such as Ancestry.com, GEDCOM's, etc. I have used the split shared events tool that Tom Holden added to his RMTrix utility. (http://sqlitetoolsfo...d to Individual). I plan to make a copy of my original RM data base and then run the split shared events tool on the database copy before creating the GEDCOM of the Reviewed Group. This will solve the data transfer issue, and there is no need to stop using event sharing in RM.)
I will then disconnect the new database from Ancestry TreeShare, and upload to a new Ancestry tree. All of my RM tree updates will therefore be passed to Ancestry all at once, instead of piecemeal. This new Ancestry tree should match my RM Reviewed Group data base exactly. I can then make the new Ancestry tree "public" for sharing with family. This process could be repeated as needed when new members are added to my RM tree and Review Group. I would just have to rename the Ancestry tree each time I did a new upload. My old Ancestry trees could then be deleted if desired. 
So far, the only "glitch" in this plan is that Ancestry will turn hints back on in the new tree. However, they can be checked rather quickly by using WebHints, or by looking at them in Ancestry, and either accept them in WebHints, or ignore them in Ancestry, if they have already been handled. You can also just turn off hints in the new databases.
This approach avoids most of the process, or data base difference, issues (Many of which have been discussed at length in this forum) involved with the slow process of trying to sync my RM tree back to my Ancestry tree using TreeShare. 
I hope this has not rambled too much. I would like to hear what others think about this strategy.

Media Thumb Nails

12 December 2017 - 10:44 AM

I have noticed that each time I add media to an event/fact/person from the media gallery, RM7 redraws all the thumb nails in my media gallery before it displays the gallery contents. This sometimes takes a few minutes to complete, thus slowing down the ability to add media when working on a tree. Cumulatively, this can be a real drag, especially with a large media gallery.



Is there a setting, or other method,  that would only redraw the thumb nails on demand instead of at every prompt?


Just curious...



Screen Flicker

11 December 2017 - 09:53 AM

Brand new problem -


Out of no where, RM7 has started a continuous "screen flicker".


If I try to close, RM7 freezes and I have to use Task Manager to get out of program. Same if I try a backup.


PC reboot did not cure.

RM7 only program where I have seen this problem.


Any ideas how to cure?



Adding Media to Named Group Members

10 December 2017 - 10:56 AM

Does anyone know how to add media to the members of a named group in mass?


I have a need to add the same media file to the members of a given named group.


Any help appreciated