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Replace Ancestry Tree After RM Review

13 November 2017 - 04:15 PM

Seeking Advice - 


Question regarding replacing Ancestry tree after review and update of RM tree.


I am a primary RM user. I use Ancestry mainly as a research resource. My first priority is to update my RM tree and edit and correct my records there.


I used my RM tree to upload to Ancestry and create a "private" tree there. In theory, the two trees should have been synchronized at that point. 


My immediate goal is to complete a full review of my RM tree against available data in Ancestry.


I have been using RM WebHints for Ancestry to identify and add additional facts beyond what I already have in my RM tree. I edit the data in RM and then I use TreeShare to sync back to Ancestry. This is where I have run into issues. There are numerous "quirks", differences between the two data bases, and apparent bugs, that make this part of the process very difficult and time consuming. Most of these have been discussed in length in this forum. (I realize that improvements in the new tools will continue to be made as time goes on).


After several months of working with the new tools, I am wondering if there may be a better alternative (at least for now). I am considering changing to the following method.


I plan to basically follow the steps outlined above, except I will stop syncing back to Ancestry. (my Ancestry tree is private). After I have completed the review of my RM tree, I will then use it to create a new tree in Ancestry, and delete the old Ancestry tree. Once again, the two trees should then be synced, and the Ancestry tree would be updated all at one time. This seems like it would be easier and faster than trying to sync the two trees as you go. I plan to then share the new Ancestry tree with family. 


Once the new Ancestry tree has been created, then I would use WebHints and TreeShare to keep the two data bases synced going forward.


One question I have is, what happens to the Ancestry WebHints already resolved if I create a new tree in Ancestry? Will the syncing of the two trees prevent the triggering of new hints?


I would appreciate any thoughts, pros-cons, anyone may have on this idea before I switch.







Descendant View & WebHints

08 November 2017 - 04:07 PM

Does anyone know if the descendant view columns in RM can be rearranged? When viewing web hints in this view that column is off screen to the right. You can drag and reduce column width of other columns to pull the hint column to the left but this seems to revert to the original size anytime the screen is refreshed. Any hints would be appreciated.

Change Display Name

01 November 2017 - 10:49 AM

This is not an RM topic, but not sure where to post the question...


How can I change my "Display Name" on this forum?


The help file says -

Display Name
The Display Name page allows you to change the name that is shown to members throughout the community. The board administrator limits the number of times you can change your display name, so make changes wisely.
When you hover over my email address a pop up box appears with a green bar which is supposed to contain my display name. Instead it has -
Can I edit my user ID? 
I'm not sure how or when this got loaded, I have been unable to find where/how to change my display name.
Any help would be appreciated

Separate data bases by Family

31 October 2017 - 09:05 AM

Looking for advice.....


Since starting to work with RM years ago, I have included all members of my, and my spouse's, family lines in a single data base. While this makes it easy to see ancestral relationships, It has now grown to the point that it is cumbersome to navigate and takes longer for programs to process transactions, etc. This is especially true since I began using Ancestry, Tree Share, etc.


For example, it takes a significant amount to time to review the RM tree looking for new hints. RM does not do a good job of listing new hints, other than the lights, like Ancestry does. As a result, I have to visually scan the entire tree, all branches, to see the new ones.


I have also found that other family members are not interested in my spouse's family lines, and visa versa.


I was wondering if t would simplify things, for hints and other things, if each family line, mine and my spouse's, were in a separate data base (RM and A.com)?


Pros? Cons?






RM 7.4 Freezes

25 October 2017 - 01:18 PM

Wondering if others are experiencing this problem?


I am experiencing system freezes intermittently when I'm in RM TreeShare. This usually occurs when I use the "Edit RM Person" function from the TreeShare screen. While editing in RM, my system freezes and the only way I can free it is to use "Windows 10 Task Manager". I then have to restart RM to continue.


While I have not definitely ruled out my system as a possible cause, the only time this is occurring is when I'm using RM/TreeShare. No other programs are affected. 


Appreciate any insights.