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Re-syncing RootsMagic Tree to Ancestry Tree

03 April 2018 - 02:01 PM

How do you "re-sync" your Roots Magic Tree to your Ancestry Tree?


I have been advised to do this by Ancestry Support to try and solve the recent slow response and lock up issues with Tree Share.


I have not been able to find specific instructions on how to re-sync my two existing trees without affecting "hint links" etc.


I do not want to do anything that could mess up all the hundreds of hours of work already invested.


Any comments appreciated.



Tree Share Freezing

30 March 2018 - 09:00 AM

In the past 2-3 days I have experienced a significant slow down in Tree Share processing. Yesterday, it began freezing "again", requiring "control alt delete" to end the transaction. This was an issue some months ago, but was resolved. Now it is recurring. Does anyone know if this is being caused by a new "bug" or is it just network traffic load, etc?


Oops - just happened again - this error message popped up -


"RootsMagic.exe Application Error

The exception unknown software exception (0x0eedfade) 

occurred in the application at location 0x00000000777A08F2."

Color Coding in Ancestry

23 March 2018 - 02:21 PM

Just Curious,


Can you transfer RM color coding to Ancestry via Tree Share?


Can you color code members of a tree in Ancestry?


I use color coding to tag members of my tree that are direct ancestors and those for whom I have "finished" research. This helps with knowing where I stand on tree reviews. So far I have not found any info on this in this forum, or in Ancestry help.


Several family members who have been invited to view my Ancestry tree have asked how they can tell if I consider research on a member of the tree to be complete (i.e. color coding?).


Any info would be appreciated.





OK, I found where Tree Share/Ancestry does not support RM color coding.


Anybody have a suggestion to accomplish the above in Ancestry (other than color coding)?


[I currently use a combination of color coding in RM and a "check mark" entered into the "prefix" field. This field does not transfer to Ancestry, but it works great for a "flagging" function in RM. I then create and maintain a group (based on the flag in the prefix field) and run a custom report for that group. I get a reference list of all the tree members with this flag that I use to keep track of my tree reviews. However, this does nothing for someone trying to review the tree in Ancestry.]


All suggestions appreciated.



Identifying pending Webhints in RM

07 March 2018 - 10:51 AM

Is there a way to filter on pending web hints (Ancestry) in RM?


My current method is to select a person, go to the descendants view, adjust generations to 2. This will show the person, spouse, and children and show web hint status (yellow or gray bulb, or none). You can look deeper by increasing the generations.


However, if I want to quickly review an entire family line for "pending only" hints, nothing I've looked at works without scrolling thru the entire family.


Any ideas appreciated



Problem Solved - How to Copy Facts in RM

25 February 2018 - 12:36 PM

Problem Solved
First of all, I would like to especially thank Jerry Bryan and Tom Holden for their help and suggestions as I have struggled with the "how to copy a fact in Roots Magic" question.
After many months of trying to find a way around the various issues with using or not using shared facts, issues with trying to use Tree Share to move shared facts to Ancestry.com, and ways of duplicating facts across groups of tree members, I have finally hit upon a very workable solution. At least my tests so far have shown no problems.
Basically, I create a new fact for an individual in my RM tree, including the normal details (date, place, description, notes, source(s), and media). I then share the fact with other members of my tree (example - census fact to census family members). Next I back up my data base (very important). Then I run RMTrix against my database to split the shared facts, and then to unshare these facts. Now everyone I had shared the fact with has an individual fact. Some minor editing of fact descriptions may be desired (example - original fact description may have read "US Census - Relationship to Head: Head", change to read "US Census - Relationship to Head: Wife", etc). And then I'm done.
What I was missing was that I considered the RMTrix tool to be for making a "one time" change to my whole data base before creating a GEDCOM, or uploading to Ancestry, etc. I never considered it as a "one off" update tool to use repetitively while I work my research going through my family tree. It works like a charm to copy facts as you go.
My question regarding how to "copy facts", given that RM does not have a copy fact utility, is apparently answered.
By the way, I have had no problems moving individual facts, created in this manner, to my tree in Ancestry using Tree Share.
Sorry that it took me so long, but now I finally "get it".
Thanks again,