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Rick Landrum

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Changing Media File Names

01 October 2018 - 04:19 PM

Quick question -


In the case where I have to (or want to) change a media file name, how can I change the path for multiple persons in my RM tree?


I know how to use "Properties/change media file" but that is a one by one solution. Is there a faster way to correct a "one (media) to many (persons/facts/sources/etc) ?


Any hints appreciated




Fact Copying

28 September 2018 - 01:35 PM



Just checking back to see if there is any progress or news regarding the suggested development of a utility for copying facts from one person to another in RM.


As a reminder, the following is the method I am currently using most of the time to accomplish this.


Step 1 - "share" the fact from the source person with the target person

Step 2 - create a new fact in the target person profile

Step 3 - copy field by field from the shared fact to the new fact in the target person's profile. This includes notes, sources, and media

Step 4 - remove the target person from the shared person list and save the new fact - this removes the shared fact from the target person


This can be done for multiple targets for the same fact (i.e. family members for a census record).

It is somewhat tedious but effective.


Just wondering if anything new is coming.......



Duplicate media files loaded to RM by Tree Share

03 September 2018 - 10:38 AM

Quick Question regarding media files loaded to RM from Ancestry by Tree Share and/or Web Hints


I've noticed that when I load an event from Ancestry Web Hints to RM the media file appears to sometimes be duplicated. This happens when multiple hints are accepted for the same person. The events are different, but Ancestry has the same media image loaded for each.


Here is an example:


Person A has a death and a probate event that were brought in from A.com using web hints. The result is as follows -


      Media image #1 listed in media gallery as "005783047_00133.jpg" attached to probate source, attached to death event


      Media image #2 listed in media gallery as "005783047_00133 (005783047_00133).jpg" attached to probate source, attached to probate event


Not only does this get "messy" and confusing, but it seems it could ultimately considerably swell the size of my media directory.


Another example would be if a large family of say 10-12 people are all listed in the same census record. If you load a source with the census image for each individual, the media image will be duplicated 10 or 12 times in your media gallery.


If I loaded the census records to RM directly, I would point all the sources to the same media file.


Am I missing something? Is this how this is supposed to work?


Any thoughts appreciated




Redundant (Pre-existing) Hints in Ancestry

15 August 2018 - 11:12 AM

Looking for advice on how best to handle.


(Redundant may not be the best choice of words)


I often run into hints in Ancestry for events or facts that I have previously posted to RM before I started using TreeShare. I found the information in other sources (Family Search, Google, and sometimes Ancestry, etc.) before I created a new tree in Ancestry and started using Tree Share. Ancestry will show the hint, and but I already have the data in my RM tree. My preference would be to kill the hint in Ancestry and let the data flow to my Ancestry tree through Tree Share. 


I'm reluctant to just reject the hint because it is valid. However, if I mark it as "undecided" or "ignore", it does not clear the hint in RM. If I accept it, a duplication of data appears in Tree Share, which requires a good bit of effort to check out and resolve the overlap.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Why marriage fact sources appear red in Tree Share?

04 August 2018 - 09:39 AM

I'm curious about why marriage sources often appear red on both the RM and A.com sides in Tree Share. I usually find that the sources in RM and A.com are identical. I've tried updating both from the other, but the color coding will remain red. I've re-read the help for Tree Share but have not been able to find the reason for this.


Any thoughts appreciated