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In Topic: Changing Media File Names

07 October 2018 - 07:11 PM

SQLiteSpy needs the RMNOCASE extension loaded. See https://sqlite4roots... SQLiteSpy.html

Thanks Tom,


Worked like a charm (so far - still testing)


I had a hard time getting the RMNOCASE DLL to load. I had to turn off my anti-virus temporarily to get it to take. Then it seems to have run great.




Testing complete, worked great. That takes care of the "added by Ancestry" stuff. Now I just need to figure out how to straighten out the naming for the old media files that I loaded without a consistent naming convention. Another problem for another day.  :) I'll set up a schedule to run this periodically to fix the new adds from Tree Share going forward.


Thanks again Tom, you have been a great help.



Tom - FYI - I have found an issue with the RMNOCASE DLL. As said before, I have to turn off my antivirus in order to get SQLiteSpy to accept the DLL. However, when you close SQLiteSpy the DLL disappears, so you have to reload each time you want to use the program. Haven't found the cause yet, so I guess that's the work around for now.


In Topic: Changing Media File Names

07 October 2018 - 01:08 PM

This page speaks to the batch conversion of cryptic citation media filenames from Ancestry to meaningful ones in RM... https://sqlite4roots...tion Media.html


Appreciate the link. I tried to run it with SQLiteSpy and I received this error message, "Requires a SQLite manager with a RMNOCASE collation sequence". Can you point me to a version of SQLite that will run it?


I should have also mentioned before that if you put the person's name in the "Caption" field, with the media item properties, you can search it in the media gallery, but it still does not help in the media directory. What you have suggested sounds like just what I need if I can run it.


Thanks again


In Topic: Changing Media File Names

06 October 2018 - 03:14 PM

Quick question -


In the case where I have to (or want to) change a media file name, how can I change the path for multiple persons in my RM tree?


I know how to use "Properties/change media file" but that is a one by one solution. Is there a faster way to correct a "one (media) to many (persons/facts/sources/etc) ?


Any hints appreciated




There are two reasons why I was asking the question.
1) When I first started using RM, I added many media files to my RM media gallery without any real structured naming conventions per se. I have since developed a complete set of naming conventions and have begun using these to name all new media files added. However the earlier files were named without this structure, which results in searching difficulties in both my RM media gallery and my Win10 media directory. I do wish to rename my older files, using the new naming conventions, which will make the names of my media files more consistent and much easier to search.
2) Since I have begun using Tree Share, I have noticed that Ancestry (or RM??) loads media files to my media gallery with unidentifiable file names. You have to go to the person's record in my tree and copy the path and file named assigned, before you can search either the media gallery or the Win10 media directory. This appears to be an on going problem. My media gallery is filling up with these media files with unidentifiable names. [example - media file for John Doe's grave marker, Ancestry assigned file name like "004779814_00436.jpg". I either need to be able to rename the file, or I'll have to enter tags in the Win10 directory to help with searching. This has to be done each time a new media file is imported through Tree Share. Again this is a slow, very time consuming task. I need a better way of handling this going forward.
I have reviewed the various responses to my post regarding changing RM media names. It seems pretty clear that there is no "automated" method for changing RM media names while maintaining the links between my media gallery and my Win10 media directory files. This means a huge investment in time will be required if I want to keep my media files named in a consistent and identifiable manner.
Of course RM will work OK, so long as the media file names match in both the media gallery and the Win10 media directory. But my preference is to have files that can be readily identified by looking  at the file name. [Example - "Doe, John_[GM]"; meaning John Doe Grave Marker].
I appreciate the responses I have received to this issue, and would like to hear more about any ideas others may have.

In Topic: Changing Media File Names

05 October 2018 - 08:33 AM

That is what I have been doing, but thought maybe I was missing something in Renee's suggestion. Actually I've found it is maybe easier to search for the media file using Windows file explorer and change the name there. I then use the Media Gallery/Change Media Filename dialog to change the file name in RM. Neither way is a good option. Maybe this will get some attention in a future upgrade.



In Topic: Changing Media File Names

05 October 2018 - 08:02 AM

Go to Lists>Media Gallery and highlight the image.
Click on Properties > Change media file.... buttons

In File Explorer right click on the media and select Rename.

Once it is renamed and saved it will keep the media link pointing to the renamed file.


I'm not sure if this is an RM or a Windows issue, but I'm having trouble getting the correct media to show up in the Media list when I want to use the "change media file" tool. I select the media in "media gallery", click on properties, change media file, and my media directory list shows up in the window on center screen. However, the file I want is not visible and I have to scroll until I find it. There seems to be no way to search for it other than scrolling. With thousands of media files, this can take a very long time. I can't change the name of the media file by right clicking on the file name until find it in the list.  Am I missing something? Where/what are the "buttons" you mentioned?

Any suggestions appreciated