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Best Media format for Rootsmagic 7 (and 8)?

05 October 2020 - 11:54 AM

In FTM 2019 media formats make a difference. PDFs open in Preview for easy reading and show a useful thumbnail. JPGs thumbnail is useful but open inside FTM which is poor to see the text content. Pages or document files have a useless generic thumbnail but do open in Pages for easy review.

Hence I save documents and most JPGs as PDFs so the content can be easily accessed. Preview makes it easy to convert a JPG to a PDF via the Save As command. I then keep the JPGs in a subfolder for possible use in RM8. Photos can straighten, crop and enhance any downloaded JPG document if needed. 
Does Rootsmagic 7 (8) best display media in a particular format or are all three equally useful?

Get RM7 file to iphone app - instructions no good for Catalina

06 September 2020 - 02:09 PM

Catalina split up itunes and lists a file instead of an app option.
    How do you add a file to an ios app without dropbox? The app is 3 years old so perhaps it no longer works in Catalina.
RM7 Mac File to ios app in Catalina  https://support.appl...chl4bd77d3a/mac
Connect phone to mac via cable and click the Files tab
Open 2 finder tabs: one for the mac file location and the other for the iphone in the sidebar
Drag a Copy of your RM7 mac file to the phone tab, pause, then drag over the RM7 phone app, pause again and release. Open the phone RM app, click Files - On Device & choose your file.

Mac RM7 Bugs?

01 September 2020 - 07:41 PM

websearch internal browser locks up RM7 with an error message floating point division by zero.


If external browser is selected it does seem to work.


Is this just normal fake RM7 bugginess l or a new problem from the recent update?

Return to Rootsmagic 7 with hope for RM8 soon.

30 August 2020 - 04:00 PM

A review of the native mac genealogy programs has left me with Family Tree Maker (tiny text on a busy screen) and rootsmagic 7 (klutzy windows interface but large text with a much better screen layout). The edit person shows all facts (events) with clickable indictors for notes sources and media. Heredis, macfamily tree and reunion all had fatal flaws for me.

Choosing to be an optimist on RM8 bought a year ago, my plan is:
1. Transfer FTM 2019 database to RM7 via FTM 2017 to 2012 or directly via gedcom. Then use the best result.
2. Review the RM8 videos and the RM7 print manual. Used copies can be found via a google search.
3. Decide on a RM7 source-citation and media organization strategy and clean up my database person by person.
4. Then use RM7 carefully until the blessed event occurs (or I croak).

Media: best way to organize on computer and in RM7?

24 August 2020 - 08:07 AM

Family tree maker prefers media all in one jumbled folder but allows easy categorization by person, family or category (census..obit..Dcert). It fights you to put media into family subfolders.


I have put RM7 media into family folders but would like to try using category  labels too. 


how have other more experienced users chosen to organize their media (images, pdfs, documents, etc)?