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FTM should have a trial or demo version especially at their price point. If you say you owned a prior version they give you a discount without any proof. My wife started with FTM about 1999 but we had no receipt nor any idea of the version but got the discount anyway.


Revisit FTM if you rejected it before 2017. It is a very different program and ancestry/familysearch api interface.


Heredis does have a good demo model and is appealing initially. There is a downloadable basic manual but no other help. I believe they store all media inside your database file contrary to all other genealogy programs. 


I am hoping RM8 mac finally shows up and is functional. Reunion seems to be stuck in the past and out of touch.

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23 March 2019 - 04:51 PM

1. Mackeeper is well known mac malware and hard to remove.

2. Use Disk Utility first aid to check your mac's drive for problems. It is in your applications utility folder. Did Apple install the new drive or a 3rd party?

3. Having both an old true crossover version and Bruce's wrapper version does seem like a recipe for interference. Both do something weird on your mac.

4. Try running the database tools on your rootsmagaic file and see if that helps.

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19 March 2019 - 03:07 PM


After MacKiev took over Family Tree Maker and spent a solid year doing performance and bug fixes it has been a solid mac program. I switched my small RM7 file over and like the ancestry sync features using the new API. People with a large database would have greater transfer problems. I looked at Reunion several times but found it clunky and dated despite being a mac program. I also wanted easier interaction with Ancestry and FamilySearch. I looked at Heredis but it is eurocentric and francophile with little help available.
RM7 crossover mac is fraught with issues and getting worse. The last update broke important FamilySearch features. I think treeshare issues have consumed RM tech people and delayed or killed RM8 mac. There has been little attention given to fixing the wrapper version.

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16 March 2019 - 01:55 PM

We mac users don't need a future feature list. We need working software and failing that we go elsewhere. I am now happily using family tree maker from MacKiev on my mac with none of the garbage crossover errors and feature failures to work. I do watch for a native RM8 but without bated breath (2 years from Tuesday 20??).

In Topic: Release Date for RM8

15 March 2019 - 05:08 PM

Price is reasonable. However it sure does not work well nor meet the needs of Mac users. It also seems to be getting worse over time with tech support consumed by supporting treeshare etc.