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In Topic: Plan to Switch from FTM 2019 Mac to Rootsmagic 8 Mac

20 November 2019 - 05:52 PM

Is there a good way to find import errors or compare gedcoms?


I have zero interest in buggy, feature-limited 32 bit RM7 and have no reason to switch from FTM 2019 until RM8 appears. FTM is a decent native mac program although the source citation feature feels awkward and clumsy. MacKiev also lacks a good user forum (non-facebook) and tech support compared to RM.

In Topic: Removing 100% of RM7/Crossover and aux. packages

17 November 2019 - 08:35 PM

How to pretty completely uninstall mac programs:

1.Appcleaner from freesoft free. select the program to delete and be sure ALL the items related to it are checked. Also note common naming features of these files. Deleted files go to the trash.

2.Easyfind on the app store free. search for related files using the names noted above and delete when sure each file is part of this app.

3. Findanyfile free to try/shareware will also check for remaining files.


Appcleaner is as good as the $40 cleanmymac x and less toxic. Easy and Find will show you most leftovers. just be cautious because some unrelated files like system and your purchase receipt can be included. Just dragging an app to the trash leaves much behind and most programs internal uninstallers are very incomplete.


Bruce's RM7 uninstall instructions are pretty good but he missed one file in his video.

In Topic: Rootsmagic Mac version 8

05 November 2019 - 11:11 AM

Tech support told my wife to update from Yosemite where RM7 worked to Sierra where it did not despite knowing of these issues. I also have lost high confidence in them. However, Apple since Job's death has also slipped. You need to wait for the "senior" advisors to get straight answers.


Complete application uninstall on a mac can be done as follows:  Best for experienced mac users since you have to inspect what is being selected for deletion. It may include your program receipt with master key or perhaps similarly named system components.


Appcleaner (free) from https://freemacsoft.net/appcleaner/will find all or most of the files related to a program and move them to the trash. Scroll the window to be sure all items are checked. Some may not be.


Easyfind and Findanyfile (both free) can then search for any missed components using part of the name common to the files in the trash (ie program or developer name) and move them to the trash. Developer's "uninstall" instructions or app usually leave all sorts of junk behind and cannot be trusted.


Cleanmymac X will find leftovers and hung items left behind by deleted apps. They have a free demo version which can find leftovers for manual deletion. It is expensive and aggressive in what it wants to remove.

In Topic: Rootsmagic Mac version 8

05 November 2019 - 09:01 AM

Family tree make just released an ancestry and family search API fix to FTM 2019 after 5 weeks without syncing. FTM 2017 users get to wait a few more weeks for their fix. This has been a long hiatus and you only get the download link after entering your information twice and going through ~20 screens of addons to not buy.


Bruce makes it easy to get updates, trial versions, manuals etc. Quite a contrast. Now if we only had a working native mac rootsmagic 8 to use!

In Topic: Rootsmagic Mac version 8

01 November 2019 - 01:49 PM

Last RM8 teaser was 2 weeks ago. Problems in beta testing?