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My Heritage

19 August 2016 - 10:07 AM

WARNING - I am a newbie to the forum having recently converted from RM 3.2 to RM 7.  In RM 7 there appears on my tree a light bulb on the names of some people.  Some of them are myself and my children as well as other living people.  When clicking on the lightbulb I get so much personal information that I was shocked to see this information about living people posted on My Heritage for all to see.  In genealogy I learned long ago that you don't post information about living people.  I am not a member of My Heritage so I couldn't go on to see what further information they have but, needless to say, what I already saw was not good in my opinion.  I spoke with a representative from My Heritage who told me to email to him the names I want deleted from their website which I did yesterday.  I am still waiting for this information to be deleted but wanted to warn others that there is lots information on My Heritage about 'living' people.  FYI, My Heritage tech. is located in Israel and they also have telephone number that connects to Utah which is the one I called.




printing endnotes

10 August 2016 - 10:09 AM

I am new to this forum and RM7 so I hope you can help me.  I don't want the endnotes to print on a separate page after the Family Group Sheet which is what is happening now.  I want the endnotes to immediately follow the last child on the Family Group Sheet as stated on page 149, 'print notes' in the RM7 manual.  However, it does't tell me how to do this.  Thank you.