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Not Working after Complete Uninstall/Reinstall

22 October 2018 - 08:52 PM

Looks like I'm one of the "lucky" ones.


Installed Mojave 10.14 and had all sorts of problems with RM.  Followed various pieces of advice and nothing worked.  Heard here and on Facebook that a complete uninstall/reinstall would make the world right again. Read Renee's posted instructions and followed the attached video from Bruce step by step.  Could at least boot RM back up and load my file and thought all was fixed.  But I didn't actually work with the program until now - a few weeks later.


It runs fiine ...  for about 5 minutes.  Then it just locks up and won't budge.  I can't even exit the program normally.  I have to do a complete hard reboot of the computer.


Back when I could run RM, it was my favorite genealogical software.  But I'm beginning to wonder if it is suitable for a Mac user after all.  I can't use it now and if this gets fixed, what happens with the next Mac OS update?  RM is absolutely the only piece of software not running correctly under Mojave and I've got dozens loaded.


It looks like I may have to try the uninstall/reinstall game again.  But not tonight.  Need to be fresh if that is required.



Where are Data Files on a Mac

04 October 2018 - 02:22 PM

I've upgraded from El Capitan to Mojave and RM7 won't open.  I'm told I need to do a delete/reinstall.  I want to be sure I don't lose my precious data.  Does anyone know what the data files are called and where they are located in the Mac file structure?  Do they end in .rmgc or .rmgb?  Any other files I need?  What about all the media that is attached to my people?


Thanks for all help!