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In Topic: Can't back up to Google Drive

09 July 2019 - 08:54 PM

I, too, miss the Google backup function.  I haven't kept close track of what happens when it fails (I've just backed up to my c: drive and then manually moved the backup file to my google drive via the web view) but for what it's worth --- it seems that I'm getting a new and more informative error message (below).  Does this indicate that perhaps the Rootsmagic app itself needs to be verified with Google as a trusted program rather than being an individual account authorization issue?  Anyway --- FYI in case it's helpful to someone.  I certainly don't know what to do with it!


Context:  I don't have any synced drives.  I've turned off OneDrive and I do a manual backup to an external hard drive.  My only mode of backing up to Google was to use the "back up --> to google drive" option.  [I am planning to ditch the external backup drive & install Google Backup & Sync, though. A big thank you to all the folks who pointed out in other threads that syncing of the actual *.rmgc file risks a corruption issue.  I'll be sure to exclude the Rootsmagic folder from the sync list and instead will put the backup file in a separate folder on my c:drive for sync.]



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In Topic: Can't back up to Google Drive

19 May 2019 - 09:00 PM

Has anyone seen an official post about when the Google backup function will be restored?  I searched but didn't find anything.  I rely heavily on that function, so I hope it's restored.  In the meantime, I backed up to a folder on my c: drive and then manually dropped the backup file (*.rmgb) into my Google drive for an off-site backup.  If someone knows a reason that workaround is a bad idea, please let me know!