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Creating a list of Deaths

23 January 2018 - 07:31 PM

So I've been playing with SQLLiteSPy, I know SQL very well (use it for work for many years). I've been trying to build a quiery for generating a list of all males with age at death.

Basically what I'm looking for is:
Last Name (Surname) (NameTable)
First Name (Given) (NameTable)
Birth Date (Date from EventType 1 in EventTable)
Death Date (Date from EventType 2 in EventTable)
Age (Death Date - Birth Date) (EventTable)


I can figure out all of it except one data item. Figuring out how to "extract" the date" from the Date column in the EventTable.

Example Birth Date from EventTable"



This is the data I'm trting to get out: 19400403


Does anyone know how to extract this data from the Date field in the EventTable?


I know there is some SQL on (https://sqlitetoolsf....wikispaces.com) - DateDecoder.sql - but seriously is that the ONLY way to extract this information? I tried to play with it but didn't get very far.

I have all my joins all figured out - just need to get the Date(s).


I'm running RM7

SQLLiteSpy 1.9.10