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Fact types ported as Fact Note

02 August 2020 - 06:25 AM

Just some comments on what I have learned about Fact Types:
My database was ported from a different program. For my custom Fact Types, such as Eye Color, the detail moved to the Fact Note, rather than the Fact Description. That makes it look funny in a narrative report (no identifying text, or a period in a strange place). So, I have had to manually retype the data into the Description and delete the text in the Note. (There does not seem to be a way to just delete a note.) 


I also found the sentence had a field [Fact type], but there is no such field. So, I manually changed that to hard-coded "Eye Color. [desc].". I am not smart enough to make it say "He/She has/had brown eyes."


Convert one type of Source to different type

02 August 2020 - 06:21 AM

My database was ported from a different program. The Sources ported over as Free-form, not as their correct type, such as Interview or Book.


So, I suppose I would have to manually add a source (with the correct type), and then manually add the new source (actually a citation) everywhere the old source is used (too much work). Or just edit the text of the free-form source to look like a correct footnote. Merge could not be used because the old and new sources are different types.

How to use Nickname field

02 August 2020 - 06:16 AM

I understand the Nickname field would be used for a true nickname, example: George "Babe" Ruth. But would it also be used for a form of the true given name, even though it is not a "nickname" per se? Example: William "Bill" Smith?

In the past, I have just used something like this in the given name field itself: William John (Bill).


Details of Citation vs. Source

02 August 2020 - 06:13 AM

Why are the details such as Interviewee and Record Date about the CITATION, and not details about the SOURCE? So that, for example, Interviewee and Record Date carry forward to the next use of the Source. These fields are citation details, but they should be source details to my way of thinking.

The way it is, I have to figure out where I used the Source first, go there, Memorize that citation, and then go back to where I want to use that Citation (with the details I want).


Or is there something fundamental  am not understanding about this?

Best practice for Interview sources

01 August 2020 - 05:22 AM

I am trying to learn how to use sources in Roots Magic. I have a database that was converted from another program. It has various sources that look like duplicates in the Source List, including interviews of a given person. These interviews could have been on different dates, and I made a separate source for each separate interview. An "interview" may just be a brief conversation. There may be several of those over the years.


Question: For new interviews that I record, should I have just ONE Interview source for a given person, and then put the specific date for THIS interview in the CITATION, or should there be a different source (with date) for each interview/conversation?


If I did the later, then the date would have to be part of the name I give it. There is no field for date in the yellow area (master source) of the source screen, only in the green area (source details), which will go with the individual citation that I am on at the moment. If I did the former, I guess there is a way to copy a citation (with date) to a new instance of the citation to use somewhere else in the file.


On Source details (in green): I assume these are actually details for THIS citation (not the master source). It lets me fill in the citation details (which it confusingly calls source details) at the time I create the master source. The details will not go with the general source. Do I have all that right?