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In Topic: Rootsmagic vs. Family Tree Maker

23 March 2016 - 04:08 PM

Personal choice based on 17,500 person tree, 3,000 sources, 100,000 citations, 11,000 media

Benefits of FTM

1. Citations are maintained internally as a record of a source.  Violates Gedcom, but can be exported as valid Gedcom.  Allows unlinked citations and citations attached to multiple facts.  i.e. research centric

2. Clean intuitive user interface. Easy 1-click switch between People, Locations, Media, Sources, WebSearch & Publishing Views.

3. Charts allow sources to be added as footnotes, can export emf allowing massive pedigree, can edit people from chart display

4. Main screen can toggle between Pedigree and Extended Family view, enabling quick flipping between 5-gen pedigree and 6-gen family views


Benefits of RM:

1. Fast efficient user interface, handles large trees easily, feature rich, responsive development team

2. Open source data base, allows customized data modification, extensible source templates

3. Web connections to FamilySearch, My Heritage, and soon Ancestry.com 

4. Efficient generation of very large reports


I will continue to use FTM as the main repository but rely on RM's new ability to import FTM to access RM's better features.