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TreeShare is stuck at login ...

29 June 2017 - 08:36 PM

I downloaded the upgrade with Ancestry TreeShare in it.  Everything was working fine, until I clicked on TreeShare.  The log in screen was there, I filled in User and Password, and the mistake I made was I clicked the box for it to remember and sign me in whenever I clicked on TreeShare.  But now all it does is TRY to keep logging into TreeShare... I have recreated this so many times now.  It just will not, I click on continue and it will just keep trying for hours.  I click on cancel and it warns about pending operations, but I cancel.  I have signed out, I have rebooted, I have removed the TreeShare signin, and tryed again, but same thing.  And because I clicked on that box for it to remember me... it will not reopen or allow me to open the signin setup.  What am I missing?  Need some answers.  Thank you.