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In Topic: Citing US Census Records Found on FamilySearch

30 June 2017 - 11:34 PM

I found these posts very informative.  I took over my mothers work, hers was all handwritten and typed, she had had written notes for her sources which she obtained from libraries and through the mail.  I started back in the early 80's, not alot on the internet at first for years, but I tried out all the programs out at the time.  I started to photocopy/scan source documents and put them into the first programs that allowed it.  I at first made a master source, for like say the 1930 Census.  Years later, I myself wanted more information, but also I was getting contacted by more and more people asking about sources.  I would look for better programs, that allowed better sourcing ... I wish RM was out back then.  I would find a better program, upgrade, I had last used was using UFT, ROOTS and TMG.  I would transfer data between programs, to be able to use each printing feature of those programs.  I had a break in my genealogy work for a few years ... when I returned, my old programs were no longer supported, and what I had would not work with what was on the internet today.  I shopped around, read up on all of the current programs, picked RM ... been using it for several years now.  I would say that about half of my data sources did not transfer over from any of my saved data, and I tried all my saves and backups.  In going back and re-entering sources, and using what is now on the internet ... I have scanned in all the hardcopy documents (many of which you can now find on the net, but not all the Birth, Marriage, Death documents I had mailed away for over the  years, those are still gold.  But I make a entry for each source, I agree with all the above posts, but the longer I do this, more is better, and with each one I put ALL the information I can find into it.  Take advantage of all the source templates in RM, use them ... years and years from now you will thank yourself.  That is just my two cents worth.  Again, I do agree with all the above posts, we all have our own way, and you do what you need, it is good that we are able to all do it the way we want with RM, it is a much greater program that those I started with so many years ago.

In Topic: TreeShare is stuck at login ...

30 June 2017 - 10:49 PM

Hi zarlor, when I was first having the problem, and was trouble shooting, I know that I have several old Ancestry accounts, but have only been using one for about two years now.  I logged it off, through RM and also through Ancestry.  I also was not using my email, I was putting in my account name/user name.  After I did the above uninstall, reboot computer, reinstall and then the "Ctrl-Shift-U", and the setting box finally appears I entered my user name and password, I did not want to click on that remember me box again, not even to test it!  The only thing that did come to my mind during my first few days of trouble shooting, was thinking that maybe I did a typo and by clicking the remember me box, it would not allow me to return and correct the typo ... but I will never know because it would just not let me reopen the settings.  I do thank you so very much for your post, it will very likely help others.

In Topic: TreeShare is stuck at login ...

30 June 2017 - 10:40 PM

OK ... Now just going into RM and doing "Ctrl-Shift-U", the window of the two picks; Reset Program Settings, and Reset Registration Information, pops up.  I clicked on Reset Program Settings, it tells me to log out to complete.  I log out, log back in ... everything is the same, nothing has changed, all my settings are still there.  I did this way past six times, stopped counting.  I tried logging out and then doing it, but it does not work without being in the RM program. ( Hey I knew, but I figured I would try!)  I again uninstalled the program, reinstalled... all was still as it was, messed up.  So I uninstall again, reboot computer ...... reinstall RM, the messed up TreeShare is still there, but I never clicked on it, and then did the "Ctrl-Shift-U" ...... now it worked, the box pops open with the settings for TreeShare, all empty and waiting to be filled in.  I put in user name and password, BUT DID NOT CLICK ON THE REMEMBER BOX!  It is working just fine! (So far ...).  Thank you zhangray and TomH.   PS I also want to add, I have tried to click on the "Like This" box on your posts, but a box just keeps popping up saying error, that I have gone over my limit for the day??? I have not clicked on those at all, for weeks and months!  (oh do not say it ... it is all my computer! ... both the RM program and the forum can not both be bugged!  I do not know, I am not having a problem with anything else.)

In Topic: TreeShare is stuck at login ...

30 June 2017 - 04:58 PM

Thank you both so very much for your answers ... I have tried everything I knew, and by uninstalling and reinstalling, I did loose all my setting already, so I am now going to go and try out that Ctrl-Shift-U, which I did not know about.  If it allows me to get back to the setup screen for the TreeShare (and NOT click the box to remember it), I am all for it.  And before I had done the uninstall, I figured that would be the sledgehammer, loosing all me settings and possible history, locations, etc., but like I said, I have already done that, so nothing to loose now (fingers crossed).  Again thank you both.  I will re-post after trying it out, and I will let you know.