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Jesper Beenfeldt Nielsen

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Gedcom export - everybody is marked as dead

29 February 2020 - 11:12 AM



It looks like I'm doing something wrong, I hope some of you can help me.


I want to export a part of my tree to a gedcom-file. I use the File-Export function from the menu. My problem is that everybody in the file are tagged as dead ("1 DEAT Y") in the gedcom-file.


Have I done something wrong, when I created the gedcom-file? Or is there something wrong with my tree I RM?


Most of the data has been imported from The Master Genealogist a few years ago, so maybe that process could have been the cause for a problem?



Another issue with the same process: All notes are exported to the gedcom-file though I choose not to. Have I done something wrong here too?


I would be very grateful for any help



Jesper Beenfeldt Nielsen, Denmark

Using Rootsmagic 7 on two computers

14 April 2019 - 04:25 AM



I use Rootsmagic 7 on my desktop computer. I back up using the build in Dropbox-feature.


Now I am going to have some weeks in the summer house, and I want to work on my family tree in the house using a laptop.


What is the best way to bring my database?


My own suggestion: Make a backup on the desktop computer, move the backup file to the laptop, restore the backup and continue working on the laptop. When I return to my home, I will do the same in the opposite direction.


Is this the best way?

The media files will not be transferred this way. That's not a big issue for me, but will it destroy the connections to the files when I return?


Another solution would be to use Dropbox or Onedrive as a location for the database file. But I have read posts here warning against that method because of the danger of corrupting the file.


Thank you