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In Topic: _UID in GEDCOMs

25 January 2018 - 03:34 PM

I think this is an okay idea gone wrong.


Assume that I add JOHN DOE to my RootsMagic tree, someone else adds JOHN DOE to their PAF tree, someone else adds JOHN DOE to their FTM tree, and now there are 3 separate and unique _UID's for the same JOHN DOE. 


Then we 3 all upload our GEDCOM to Ancestry and all 3 JOHN DOE records on Ancestry would contain a different _UID.  


A 4th person comes along and merges those 3 records into their Ancestry tree and gets a copy of each _UID, none of them helpful to him, Ancestry or anyone else. 


I am convinced that _UID's on a tree are nothing but useless, distracting, and wasteful clutter.