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How to create a Report based on the Living Flag

04 February 2019 - 12:32 PM

How to create a Report based on the Living Flag


Very simple, when you are told how to


Once you are in your family tree:



Edit / Quickgroups
click Manage Groups
Click New
Click on Mark Group
Select Living
(notice: some of them will have checkmarks now)
Click OK
Give the group a name, (aka: Living)
Click Close
Click OK to close Quickgroups window
Now go to your Custom Reports section
Create a new reports with the fields you want, or use one that you currently have that has the fields you want
If you created a new report, give it a nae and save the report
Now in the section where People to include, change Everyone to Living
Change Generate Report

Voila.  Done


Marriage not found under Customize People View

04 February 2019 - 11:57 AM



Thank you in advance for your help.


Was trying to change my view under the People tab, to view the marriage dates,etc....


Well, for me, when i click on "Customize this view", Marriage, Marriage date, Marriage place or Marriage place details are not listed from the pick list.


When I go under the List/Fact Type List, I do see the Marriage, Marriage Bann, Marriage ContractMarriage FactMarriage LicenseMarriage Settlement, in the list. looks like it's there.


Anyone has any guess on why they don't show up under the customize people view?


Thank you





Report on individual with the "Living" check mark

22 January 2019 - 09:16 PM



Is there a custom report that can be done to get a list of only individual with the "Living" check mark?


I've tried to look and tried things but not getting the results I want.


Thank you in advance



Facts List report with record #

21 January 2019 - 06:44 AM

Hi everyone
Found a way to check for dates issues, using the report Fact List
Under that report, select Fact with text dates
I will gives you a report with everyone that has an issue with any dates

Now my question:
Is there a way to get the same report but with the record # of each one listed?
It would be easier to go to the correct record #.
Every report should have the option to add the record # (checkbox)
Can this same report be done in the custom report section?  If so, how?
Thank you in advance.

Preparer info on reports

03 January 2019 - 11:57 AM



Thank you for helping me 


I'm using RM ver


I'm doing some reports, and notice that the info for the "Preparer information" is empty

where do i put the information?  


Must be an easy one, but I can't find it.


Thank you again.