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Robert Fletcher

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Trying to come to a decision

21 March 2016 - 05:24 AM

I am in a real quandary at the moment and I would welcome any feedback.  I am currently running RootsMagic 7 under Linux and it runs perfectly. The only genealogy program that does with the exception of the native GRAMPS.
I previously used FTM and enjoyed the syncing and the live Hints. My database is still sitting on Ancestry and I have downloaded the GEDCOM but a lot is lost, like all the media. As far as I can see I have a number of options.
1. Wait for RM to implement the syncing with Ancestry, but this will depend on when. If within a month or two I can live with that. longer than that other options needed.
2. Try using MyHeritage but I would like to know more. One drawback is you have to subscribe for 12 months. When you click on the light bulb and the record matches does this download into RM images e.g. census? In other words works like FTM & Ancestry.
3. Final option and the one I would prefer not to choose is to return to Windows & FTM.
4. I have been trying to work with my Ancestry downloading the GEDCOM and merge updated records into RM but this has a potential of becoming a mess.
Any advice?

Standardising Place Names

12 March 2016 - 01:42 PM

I am a bit confused about the standardising of place names. I imported my database as a GEDCOM and there would be nothing better I would like than to get all the place names standardised. But I am a bit confused about this.
Am I correct in thinking that this is done in the  Dataclean>Placeclean utility? Am I also correct in assuming that this will not work correctly until the Place List has been edited to reflect the Standardised form.
If I am on the right track , is it safe to remove duplicates? e.g. I have 11 entries in my place list for Albany, Western Australia. If I standardise one to Albany, Western Australia, Australia and delete the others will it remove anything from my database?
If I am doing this all wrong can you tell me the correct way or point to a tutorial. So far I have only found this alluded to.

MyRootsMagic - Homepage photo option gone

12 March 2016 - 05:31 AM

I am a Newbie to RootsMagic so forgive me sometime sounding on the dumb side.


Yesterday I uploaded two trees to the on-line site. All went well and I gave each one a cover photo. Today I made an edit but not to the Homepage and the photo disappeared along with the option to upload another. I looked at my second tree and the same thing happened. Is this a bug or is it me? How can I get my homepage photos back?