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In Topic: Trying to come to a decision

21 March 2016 - 01:29 PM



Unfortunately, the media associated directly to Ancestry Sources ( Ancestry Docs) or other Ancestry users are theirs. The license you purchase (subscription) allows you to access them and most of them you can download as an image also (to manage and utilize under same license). But the quick access (link) to them via Ancestry is only through said subscription. 


As well the media you uploaded to Ancestry will have to be re-associated to the new Environment (RootsMagic).


The future updates to RM may allow users to associate those media items from FTM/Ancestry; but that, we will have to wait on.


In short, you probably will have to re-link all of them to RM if you choose to keep it. Though, others may have more to say.



Harold you have diverted away from my concerns. RM does not sync with Ancestry and it would seem that we don't know when this will be. In the meantime I have returned to Windows 10 and FTM. In future if RM syncs they I nay return as I still have the license.



In Topic: Trying to come to a decision

21 March 2016 - 01:03 PM



When you mention " The latter has all my photos and documents."; are you meaning the images on Ancestry via web links to an image (i.e. to Ancestry's vast Media resources); Or media images that you (or possibly other family members - including really extended distant cousins) have uploaded over the years to Ancestry and linked to you ancestors?



Yes Harold, I mean that both Ancestry Docs and personal stuff. The latter can be added elsewhere but what a lot of work. Then we get the ongoing stuff. Syncing is something I have grown used to.



In Topic: Trying to come to a decision

21 March 2016 - 07:44 AM

Than you Jerry for your reply. Just to clarify things, I cannot run FTM as I am on Linux when I was talking about going between two it was between RM & Ancestry. The latter has all my photos and documents.
Going from what you expect we are not likely to get RM to synchronise with Ancestry in the near future. Also, if MyHeritage only shows the hint and you have to enter that manually for me that is another negative.
Based on this I would be better to go back to Windows and FTM it is certainly not the choice I wanted to make.
I have the RM Key so I can go back to that in the future.

In Topic: Primary Name and Alt Name Swapping

17 March 2016 - 12:40 PM

This has come as a big shock to me, that RootsMagic does not allow the swapping of Primary and Alt names. My past experience has been with FTM and it's just a matter of right click the name and set to “Alternate” or “Preferred”. Ancestry on line has this feature and well as FMP. The only other software I have on board is GRAMPS and I just looked at that and it too allows for swapping. A few years ago I ran Legacy and whilst I cannot be positive I can't remember that being an issue.
My story is that I parted ways with MS Windows 10 never to return. That meant that FTM cannot be made to run under Linux, my preferred OS. Using Codeweavers Crossover RM7 installed perfectly. As some will be aware I worked out with help from the members the standardising of place names.
One thing has become clear however after import of GEDCOM from Ancestry, some of the names I had set as “Preferred” in Ancestry came through to RM as “Alternate”, this would mean I cannot  change them around without a re-edit. I have no idea how many have turned out like this. Also I notice quite a few blank facts with just a date. Like showing a 1911 census with no information and the repeated underneath with all the information.
The same GEDCOM imported into GRAMPS shows none of these issues. So there may be a GEDCOM issue as well somewhere along the line.
People in this thread seem to wonder why anyone would have a need to swap “Primary” and “Alternate” names. Without the GEDCOM issues I can give a very practical case. 
I always use as primary a name that was registered at birth or baptism but when we start out we do not always know this some information can be dificult. So when we had the death of James Martin Petit and no birth or marriage records this was set as, “Preferred”. The census was not much help here changed on every one. About 5 years along the tract we found that he was baptised in Ireland as Martin James Pettitt so this became the primary name. There never was a marriage as he left a wife in Ireland. I also have an uncle from Switzerland that has gone through many iterations of name. SO THERE IS A NEED TO SWAP PRIMARY WITH ALTERNATE. I never checked this feature out as I did not think there was a need to.
I will put things on hold until I have worked through this issue.

In Topic: Standardising Place Names

16 March 2016 - 01:08 PM



16 Mar 2016 2:07 pm

Here's the URL when I view the site through RM7  http://sites.rootsma...tteer/index.php

GEDCOM download is provided for sharing.

Yes it gave me a 404 error too.