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In Topic: RootsMagic and Ancestry

05 March 2016 - 03:51 AM

Hey guys,

as a veteran FTM user, I just bought RootsMagic after hearing that the feature I use most (the synch with ancestry) will be possible with RM as well in the near future.
I use it for several reasons:

1) I find their database of images and transcriptions to be larger and better organised than FamilySearch (I know many of you will disagree lol)
2) with the online tree I have access to my tree from any computer so I can work on it even at work or at my parents' place
3) the automatic import of images, sources and connected facts saves me a lot of time

Some of the features of RM which I want to use, and which were unavailable on ancestry, is the creation of witnesses. Next to that, I suppose I'll have to double check and correct all place names since both programs probably use different databases, and I would like to change all the separate "residence" facts which were created by FTM/ancesty into a shared census fact, per family.

This will be a hell of a lot of work, having over 35.000 people in my tree, including over 4.000 census images... I will start with my direct ancestors, and work my way through the rest gradually. It will probably take years to finish.

As it will take a long time, I would prefer to start doing it asap. But the synch is not available yet, and I want to avoid double work. I suppose that, as was the case with FTM, you will only be able to download a tree from ancestry into RM or upload an RM tree into ancestry, not link two existing trees together. What do you suggest I do?


option 1: already import my FTM tree into RM, start working on the changes I want to make (adding witnesses etc), and when it becomes available import a new tree from and linked to ancestry, and compare (or merge?) both to copy the changes I have made in the "old" RM tree to the "new" tree which is linked with ancestry

option 2: just wait and only start working on RM once the sync will be possible, on the tree downloaded from and synched with ancestry


This of course also depends on the timing: waiting for RM would be less interesting if the link is planned in autumn, while it would be perfectly doable if it will be possible next month.


Thank you for your advice!