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Defining Sentences- changing prepositions

08 March 2020 - 01:41 PM

I noticed that when I define a sentence that RM automatically inserts a preposition.  Example [Date} the word "on" will be placed before the inserted date in the sentence. For [Place] it is the preposition "in".  However I was trying to define a sentence for Departure and when I use [Place] "in" is not appropriate it should be something like "from". 


How do I eliminate the automatic preposition or otherwise accomplish my objective?


Thank you

Locate Missing Media Files-subfolder option grayed out

29 February 2020 - 12:49 PM

When I want to look for/fix broken media links, I select Media Gallery/Tools/Fix broken media links/   Under "Where do you want to search for the media?" I can select <All Drives>, C: etc.  However "Search this and all sub-folders" is grayed out and the folder icon at the end of the blank space is unresponsive. 


How can I set it to search only the folder(s) within Documents that I designate as I know that all media is kept there?  Right now each time I have a broken link, I must search my entire C: drive as there is no other option that I can find.


Thank you for any assistance.

Person with same name and same number

07 December 2019 - 02:26 PM

I have a male, number 497, in my database. His wife is number 502.  When I open up HIS page, it shows two marriage facts.  One regular and one that appears like a Shared Fact (in italics).  On HER page there is only one marriage fact and listed in the normal manner. 


When I click on the shared Marriage Fact, on the right hand side of the screen over the Date it says  Shared - Marriage (His Name-497 and Her Name-502) - His name-497 and Her Name-502


The Note and the Source are identical for both the Marriage Fact and the Shared Marriage Fact on HIS screen.

Both spouses have only "1" showing in the number of spouses drop down next to their name.

Their is only one 497 in my list of people. (There are others with the same name but that is just a family name and none of the others have the same number or the same spouse.)


I tried running Duplicate under Data Clean to no avail.

I noticed that the regular Marriage Fact was Shared with 497 and he was listed as a witness.  So I removed the reference to him as a Witness on the regular Marriage Fact.  However the Shared Marriage Fact entry still existed.  When I click on Share button on the Shared Marriage Fact, no one was listed there. 

I decided to just delete the Shared Marriage Fact...well that caused both the Shared Marriage Fact and the regular Marriage Fact (in both 497 & 502 records) to disappear.


Can anyone explain to me what happened?  Where did this problem come from? And if it does happen again, how to I resolve it without deleting the regular fact?  (Luckily I have that information to re-enter easily)


Thank you

Error! Bookmark not defined

26 September 2019 - 01:39 PM

Hello,  I produced a report and in the index of Place names I get the message "Error! Bookmark not defined" on several of the entries. (See snip at link attached. Highlight added. https://photos.app.g...BUjXz8exx4iqPA7 )  However, I do not know what this means nor how to or where to fix this issue.
Thank for any assistance.

Installing & running RM from external hard drive

05 May 2019 - 05:18 AM

I was just wondering if anyone has installed and operated RM from an external hard drive, i.e Seagate, and the pros/cons of doing so. Is it even possible? I've seen tutorials which say C:/Program files is the preferred location but not that it is the ONLY location to which one could install and operate RM