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In Topic: Importing Data from Legacy FamilyTree

28 August 2017 - 10:10 PM

From the GEDCOM Export dialog, select the Customize button (bottom right). In the Items available for export list (upper left), select _FGRAVE and _FGLNK and click the Include > button (center top). That should include both the FAG Memorial number and the URL link. I would check the Notes of a death event after transfer to RM. Otherwise, use TomH's suggestion for a Find Everywhere search.

In Topic: Importing Data from Legacy FamilyTree

28 August 2017 - 10:38 AM



Did you use a GEDCOM when transferring your Legacy 9 file to RootsMagic? If so, the first dialog (File > Export > GEDOCM file) includes a check box (Export Stories as Events) at the bottom of the GEDCOM Export dialog that should help you export your stories to RootsMagic.

In Topic: How detailed are your facts

03 April 2017 - 03:03 PM



I retired from the US Army in 1983. During my career I retained one copy of each order (transfer, temporary duty, award, commendation, letter, school, MOS change, etc). Add to that residences, jobs, education, etc before and since retiring. Yes, all that information is included in the facts/events listing of my life, along with notes associated with those events. All this information defines my 'personal history'.


Having copies of my military records proved beneficial while I was still on active duty too. Every hear of the Federal records center fire in Kansas City during the 1970s? That was well before the practice of electronic records, or even microfiche that was begun in 1979 by the military. Seems my entire official personnel file - maintained by the Army for advanced schooling and promotions - was destroyed in that fire. It took a bit of persuasion, however my copies were accepted (400+ records) to rebuild that official file and directly resulted in my final promotion before retirement.

In Topic: Status Bar displays?

27 March 2017 - 10:48 PM

Thanks Tom, that was my impression too. Having written software guides in the past, I understand just how difficult purging old information can be. Unfortunately, the same information was used in an online RootsMagic course in the first lesson. The only other status bar info might be the Last Edited date in the bottom, left corner of the Edit Person dialog. Again, thanks for the response.

In Topic: Access violation during import

14 October 2016 - 03:03 PM



In order of your suggestions - 


#1 - Since the error occurred during the direct import from a Legacy 8 database file (in other words, the import did not complete) there is no file to run the database tools against. End file size was just over 13k when the import failed.


# 2 - I am an experienced user (26  years technical end of Silicon Valley's software industry). This computer is new, Win 10, with all patches, Internet security/anti-virus, etc. Also, please note that the same import was accomplished (without problems) last month on the same computer, between the same two programs. No patches since for RootsMagic, however Legacy did have a recent patch which 'might' have changed their product just enough to cause the import to RootsMagic to fail if RootsMagic has not accounted for such a change.


#3 and #4 - See the first sentence in #2 above. Neither of these 'possible causes' you suggest are probable.


As for your second note, of course. I also uninstalled the current version of RootsMagic, cleaned the registry, did a cold boot, and reinstalled a newly downloaded version of RootsMagic direct from the web site. Same error message.


Unfortunately no other software handles a 'direct import' of a Legacy database file as does RootsMagic, so I was only able to try importing a GEDCOM created by the same Legacy database file. That GEDCOM to two other genealogy software imports without problems. Finally, RootsMagic imports, without ANY problems, that same Legacy created GEDCOM. That apparently leaves the problem directly related to the direct import by RootsMagic of a currently created Legacy database file.