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How do I delete extra people?

17 February 2016 - 12:36 AM

First, let me say I have tried to figure this out by myself.  I have googled, searched and read posts.  No success and much frustration. 


I am on a Macbook Air, version early 2015, RootsMagic version 


I have been using TMG for several years and switched in January to RootsMagic.  The learning curve is steep, but I'm figuring most things out.

What I can't figure out is how to either "merge" duplicates into one person, or delete the "extra" person.  I downloaded my tree on Ancestry in gedcom form and imported it into RootsMagic.  This increased my normal person count by over 3000.  So I have 3000+ duplicates.


I ran all the data base utilities, I ran the automatic merge.  No help.  I discovered I can manually merge and delete individually, but with over 3000 I'm hoping there is a better way.