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Husband takes name of spouse

13 January 2019 - 04:37 AM

Hello together!


Normally (what is normal???) one spouse will take her husbands surname when marrying. RootsMagic works perfectly with this. But...

in Germany there are many other possibilities. When Mr. Jones marries Mrs. Huber, there can be:

- Mr. Jones and Mrs. Jones

- Mr. Huber and Mrs. Huber

- Mr. Jones ans Mrs. Huber-Jones

- Mr. Jones-Huber and Mrs. Huber-Jones.

- ...

Don't ask me, what name-combinations there children can have.


How can I handle this with RootsMagic???


Example: My son married, gave up our name and took over his spuses surname. Meanwhile they are divorced. He married again and took over his new spouses name.

How to solve this problem? I managed it by taking the fact "Marriage" and "Alternate Name" with the same date. But I'm not sure if this is the solution. In every chart my son is printed with the surname of his first spouse, not with the name of his second.


Does anyone have the same problem and got a solution?


Greetings from Germany, Ernst (Ernie)